Lake Ontario Salmon fishing

Reports around the lake so far have been quite poor with veteran Captains coming home with little more than a boat load of disappointment to show for their efforts.

I have gone out 2 times this week and the first outing I found no good marks so the people on the boat and I decided to change things up a bit and troll for some lakers ( lake trout). After only a few short minutes after deciding to change our strategy the first laker was on the line, although we thought at first we had crossed our cannon balls and had a mess to deal with we were very pleasantly surprised to find a respectable 20lb fish at the end of the line. And after the next hour went by we boated 2 more both over the 15lbs mark before we decided to pack it in for the day .

On Saturday I was out again, determined to find the Kings and after some inside information I headed out to deeper water approx 18mi off shore it was a tough day but were rewarded with a quick 2 rainbow trout on our dipsey lines. Then I trolled around for the next 3 hours not marking a thing on the graph, suddenly around 11am I marked 2 fish on my graph and saw one com up about 15ft to check out my presentation and about 30 seconds of extreme anxiety my dipsey line had a huge hit whatever was on the other end of the line made the reel scream, the excitement on the boat was long over due and a welcome site to see as the line kept screaming we kept laughing and The tention that had been building over the past few hours because of the possibility of going home without the desired king we had been looking for was finally within our grasp.

After the next 15 minutes of fighting this monster we finally saw it close to the boat. And as my client reeled it in my first mate was getting the net ready. The fish now tired from the fight was close enough to get in the net as the net came down to net the fish it gave one more jolt of energy thrusting forward as the net was about to get in the water. That’s right my first mate hit the fish in the head jolting the hook out of mouth and well let’s just say it was one of the fastest releases ever ha ha ha. So instantly we were back to being extremely stressed with no kings in the boat. Nervously I said well were on them now so I trolled around for the next 1.5 hours with nothing more than a suntan to show for our efforts when suddenly a down rigger pops off the rod violently shaking, it’s another King. The line once again coming to life screaming out of control as the fish swims away with my hook in its mouth once again tension on the boat instantly disappeared as the client was fighting a fish of a lifetime. Another 15 minute fight and the fish was at the boat once again this time I grab the net and as the fish nears the boat I lowered the net into the water and scoop up a 18.5 lbs king Salmon.

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