Time for The Bay Of Quinte Fall trophy hunt.

dave paroWell its that time of year again where trophy walleye make their journey into the Bay Of Quinte from their summer homes in the big water of lake Ontario to their winter ones in The Bay Of Quinte. Each Fall huge Walleye migrate to their staging areas throughout The Bay Of Quinte where thousands of anglers flock for their chance at trophy Walleye. These fish are commonly caught in the 2 to 5 lbs range (as shown in pic from yesterday) throughout the summer months however when the fall comes and before the ice forms there is a short period of time maybe a month to a month and a half where 8 to 10 lbs walleye are common and you can even find them in the range of 14 and 15lbs plus during this time.

The Later in the season and as the water surface temps drops to just above freezing is where you’ll find locals, Guides, and people around the glob in search of those elusive world renown trophy Eye’s. Yesterday I was out scouting with a couple of friends in the Bay and although we did see some huge hooks on my electronics we were unable to entice anything considered to be a trophy to bite. Marking fish like we did yesterday only got us excited because that is a sure sign that the fall hunt will soon be in full swing.

As the temperatures drop its time to put away those worm harnesses and start using those deep diving crank baits trolled with lengthy leads behind your boat, or is it? for those people that maybe would like to try their hand at these fall beauties but don’t want to spend a fortune doing it there are many devices and aids sold on the market today to help get smaller lipped baits and spinners down deeper with less bulk in the water, helping not to spook the fish, the result is that you can use some of the baits you used all summer in the shallows now to fish the fall walleye that like deeper water. Of course those big lipped baits work great and have done for some time but if you don’t have money to burn and don’t want an entirely new stock of lures then try looking into some of these devices it might save you some cash?

more to come on fall walleye tactics soon.