Diving apparatuses Week 4 Torpedo Divers


Diving apparatuses

Week 4 – Torpedo divers   (go through this and make sense of it )

Torpedo Divers are a very aggressive diving apparatus the dive curve for a 2 ounce diver is approx 10 feet down with 10 feet of line out and aapprox 15 feet down with 21 feet of line out. Each Torpedo diver comes with its own dive chart This is a great device when fishing aggressive fish I primarily would use this method in the spring when the fish are feeding aggressively after the spawn. However in the Fall when Walleye tend to slow right down I personally will not use this presentation, some people may not agree with me but its just what I have found over the past few years. This type of presentation is great to get spinners and worm harnesses suspended in the water column. One of the reasons I like using this method is beacause you can adjust the length of lead between bottom and your lure by attaching a piece of Monofilement line to an Off Shore Tackle OR16 Pro Snap Weight Clip and the torpedo diver, now you can make this length of lead any length you want and you can attach it however far up the line you want from your lure. Thus essentially creating an adjustable bottom bouncer. EG- if you attach a 4 foot lenth of Mono line between the torpedo and the OR16 Pro clip and attach the clip to your main line 20ft ahead of your lure in 20ft of water and drop the torpedo until you feel it is just touching bottom, then you know your bait is very close to 4 feet above the bottom and approx 25 to 30ish feet behind the boat. Now why do this instead of just using a bottom bouncer? The answer is simple a bottom bouncer is designed to run just a few feet infront of your bait. However can be a very intimidating and spook wary fish, so this is a way of using the same idea as a bottom bouncer only getting the bulky part of the presentation out of the way so the fish only sees the lure as it passes by.

good luck and stay safe on the water.


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