Diving Apparatuses Week 5 inline and snap weights

guppy weights

Diving apparatuses

Week 5 – Inline Weights vs. Snap weights.

Inline weights are designed to be fished a few feet in front of your bait I use them with Harnesses myself however you can use them with lipless crank baits or spoons as well when trolling Walleye. Offshore makes a great product in my opinion, the Offshore guppy weight. These weights can be used as inline weights or snap weights they come with 2 holes punched on the top fin and tail fin of the guppy this allows you to attach either an Or16 Pro clip to the top fin and use it as a snap weight or attach a snap swivel to both holes the top one attaches to your main line and reduces line twists and the tail fin should be attached to your lure line. When choosing how far back to put your lure from the inline weight make sure the length of leader line does not exceed the length of your rod. This is so when you have a fish on the line you can get it to the boat easily and you will be able to reach the fish with a net if needed. People have asked me what the difference Is between snap weights and Inline weights? and why use one over the other? There are several differences between the functions of these weights, and I use them both in different circumstances. 1st inline weights are designed to be just a few feet away from your bait, whereas snap weights are adjustable and can be clipped anywhere on the main line. Now what does this do? If you attach the weight just a few feet in front of a lure and it is a windy day on the water or the water has a bit of chop to it, then an inline weight moves up and down with the movement of the boat or of the planer boards if you are attached to one right? Ok well an inline weight will move the lure aggressively up and down with each wave, where as a snap weight 20, 30, 50 feet up the line will absorb a lot of the movement allowing your bait to stay in a specific depth even in windy conditions. Now sometimes the fish want a bit more movement to their lunch than on other days so it is up to you to find the pattern they huger for.

Good luck out there and stay safe

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