Ice fishing

Just a quick ice condition update on Quinte.

Today I was out on the open water for about an hour with a friend of mine it was a bit rough and windy for us to stay out for any length of time so we packed it in and decided to check a few other areas of the bay. We found that there was what looked like soft thin ice in many areas that are usually the first to freeze up around Hay Bay, I was unable to find any ice I was willing to try and even step onto at this time. However even though there were no ice fishable areas as of yet there was a thin layer of cloudy ice covering much of the bay and with a good cold snap I can foresee being able to get out on the hard water fairly soon.

Remember safety first, especially in first ice of the season conditions. Wear proper warm clothing, go with a friend, wear floatation devices, ice picks, and a safety line, tell someone on land where you plan to be and also remember to spud your way out to your spot.

There are many precautions to take when thinking about venturing out on the ice if your new to the sport of ice fishing do your research and make sure you know what to look for and how to spot the dangers.

Stay safe and have fun this winter


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