SeaFour Lures

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I am proud to announce that I am now a representative of a great product called SeaFour Lures

This is a Canadian based business on the west coast and is possibly the only company that produces a mouldable lure on the market for Salmon and trout. Have you ever been fishing for a specific species of fish and they just don’t seem to be as active as they should be so you try a different lure and they turn off altogether? well the answer is simple you may have had the right colour and size of lure but just the wrong action, sometimes all you need is to change the action just a bit, well now you can.

SeaFour Lures are a mouldable lure just warm the lure up and shape into whatever you like. then dip in the lake and the lure will hold the new shape. This lure has been working well on the West coast for a couple of years now and slowly the fisherman of the Great Lakes are discovering this great secret.

if you would like to learn more about this product then please follow them on Facebook and check out their website at the following links

SeaFour lures Facebook page

and SeaFour Lures website

Its like fishing with DYNAMITE