After  a few  long days of driving I have made it to my first destination, Advocate Harbour Nova Scotia. I left Napanee Ontario at about 9:30am and spent my first night about 75km west of Quebec City nothing too exciting just pulled over at a rest stop along the hwy at about 8pm took a quick walk around the area used the facilities and hit the sack.

I woke up around 6:30am the next morning and was on the road around 7am. I found my little truck (dodge Dakota ) to be not too bad on gas all the way to New Brunswick, then I hit the Appellations and the fuel millage went to the crapper. I stopped in Moncton NB, had a shower at a truck stop bought a few groceries and back on the road again to my first destination, Advocate Harbour Nova Scotia.

I rolled into the small fishing town of Advocate around 8:30pm and the fog off the water was thick all the boats were parked at the docks, and the smell of fish engulfed the air.  My excitement grew, the feeling that there would be a chance to catch the captains before they head out and ask for a potential position, or at least for a few days anyway. I parked my camper on the warf in hopes of someone coming down in the morning and banging on the trailer angrily telling me to move and that I was parked in their spot, creating my chance to ask for a job.  I spent a few minutes chatting with my wife and was off to bed.  There was no such luck in the morning I woke up nearly frozen in my bed with temperatures in the negatives, and not a sole on the boats. The tide was still out and the boats were still laying on the ground, the only good thing was I had a good nights sleep and was well rested.

At 10:00am the tide was starting to come in so I went to the local coffee shop in the morning which was also the local gas station, grocery tore, liquor store, movie store,  and restaurant. I had a great little breakfast and talked with some of the locals about my plan. I was informed that the boat captains had just finished a scallop season and were now in a dead time until they start their lobster season which is actually open as we speak but apparently the water is still too cold so most of the boats are not going out yet. Sounds like I may not be in luck getting a job for a few days before I head to Cape Breton my next stop on the agenda,  At 11:00am I hear that there may be a few boats heading out for the early lobster season so ill stick around for a bit and just maybe ill be in luck.

At 11:30 I headed back to the docks to find the tide back in the boats were floating and already one of the boats were out setting traps for lobster. I find myself wondering if I had missed my chance for advocate? (the water level had risen approx. 20ft).

At approx 1pm I got my first opportunity to get onto a commercial fishing vessel I was invited by CaptainTom Roberts to come aboard his vessel to do a short tour of Advocate Bay while he was just dumping some gear on the warf I happily accepted his invite and we toured for approx 30 minutes then back to the dock to tie off.


At approx 1:30pm I saw the vessel that headed out in the morning returning to the harbour, Captained by local Matt ? I watched as Capt Matt docked his vessel in an out going tide. You would need to be here to see the skill needed to handle these incredible 90,000lbs boats 50ft long and 20ft wide( for those of you that have been on my boat it is 21ft long 7ft wide and only 5000lbs) Both CAPT Tom and  CAPT Matt handled these vessels as if they were parallel parking a small car.

After speaking with Captain Matt I unfortunately began to realize that although I may be able to stick around for a few weeks and get the opportunity to head out with one of these captains I have already made arrangements to be in Cape Breton by the end of the month.

After sipping on a glass of wine and looking at the time it was now 6pm and I felt that Advocate will not be the place to land my first commercial job of 2015. I was on the road to Truro NS for the night.

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