A Night in the pub (Inverness)

April 21st 2015


I decided to head over to the local legion for a pint, I was met with some scowering eyes as I could tell I was making some people uncomfortable by entering the room. I ordered my beer and was planning to guzzle it and leave promptly.

My situation quickly changed as one of the individuals asked where I was from.  As I told him my story of where I was from and what I was here to do some others in the bar started listening and pretty soon everyone was sharing their stories of the fishing they have done over the years and they welcomed me to the town wishing me luck.

I was introduced to another couple by a fisherman called Lenny, (another local Lobster captian) and as Lenny introduced me he told the couple my story. The woman looked at me, shook my hand and said god bless you.

I looked at her and after many stories told to me over the past few days from several locals it would seem to me that many of the fisherman from the area have left here over the years to go and work in Alberta in the oil fields, so many of the captains have struggled over the years trying to find a reliable deckhand or deckhand at all for that matter. This has put a huge strain on the fishing industry and the smaller towns, forcing many captains to give up and sell their boats (if they can) so for these local people having someone come to town to fish instead of another fisherman leaving is a nice change.


I also met a local cook named Milin? (not sure the correct spelling)  that happens to work in a nice little sandwich shop in town called Downstreet, He was telling me of stories of how he worked  a very short period on the boats years ago with his brother, but it wasn’t for him, his family had 3 generations of cooks and that’s what he feels was his calling aswell, I Asked him about the idea of wanting to be able to make a Lobster Bisk for my family when I get home as a special treat, Milin’s face lit up and he immediately started explaining how easy it would be, he started off by saying you start by melting a lbs of butter, aaaaand that’s where I lost him, I turned to Milin  and said, ” instead how about I pay you to make one for me and ill bring it home to the family” (ha ha ha )for those of you that know me well this was a classic James move LOL. well I will need to make sure I stay close to this guy as I do love my food.

lobseter bisk


Well after many pints very kindly bought for me by Lenny, his wife Crystal, Milin, and a couple of other people, I was forced to leave my truck where it was and walk back to the trailer, forgetting about dinner and just passing out for the night (well it was bound to happen somewhere along my travels )  lol.


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4 thoughts on “A Night in the pub (Inverness)”

  1. I have no idea why you chose to try fishing the Atlantic as an adventure, but it is definitely a good way to see and experience this area of the country.


    1. well Lobster fishing has been on my bucket list for the past 13ish years so with my kids at an age where they don’t really need dad around too much I felt it was a good time to give it a try, also with my charter business being quite slow during the spring in The Quinte region I felt there was no better time. As for coming to the Atlantic well it was closer than the Pacific, who knows maybe ill try that a different year. So far it has been quite the adventure so I am happy with my decision to come this way LOL.

      thanks for your reply


  2. awsome looking forward to follow ur storie…keep good work… like ur writing… i never read… but i do read ur story.. it like a dream… 🙂 cheer..


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