My Fishing trip out On The East Coast

My fishing trip to the east coast

Day 1      On the Boat

Today was the first day on the boat, the job for the day was to set all the traps that the Capt and I had gotten ready over the past couple weeks with the help of the new helper Kalil we put bait (fresh Harring) into each of the traps approx 5 Herring per trap and then stacked each of the traps in order 6 traps across the with of the boat and then 6 traps high per row x 4 rows. After loading the boat we parked the boat for the night and awaited setting day. Moring came fast not much  sleep for me as I was to excited to get out for my first day on the water. After every trap was set we headed back to the dock to load the 2nd half of the traps onto the boat. Again the same amount of traps were loaded and we immediately headed back out to sea to set the rest of the traps.


It took approx 3ish hours to set all the traps per boat load and the seas were fairly calm just a few rolling waves. The hardest part was to make sure your feet were nowhere near the ropes attached to the traps getting set for if even one rope had looped around my foot then over the side I go and straight to the bottom of the ocean.

Once the traps were set it was about 7pm and the day was done, now I wait for morning to see if any little lobsters have liked the bait I set for them.

The next morning I was up and out the door at 530am all the other captains and their crew had already left the dock by the time we were about ready to head out and there was no sign of Kalil (the other helper). It was just me and the Skip headed out into 25km North east winds to see what was in the traps. We pulled our first trap and there was 1 or 2 lobsters in it that were keepers and another half dozen that were either too small to keep of they were females with eggs which get thrown back. After a few more traps were hauled in there were several more keepers on deck which the Capt sorted and I banned them for the market and put in to a holding tank.


The winds were steady which made for some rough seas  and some awkward moving around the deck but after a short time I seemed to get me sea legs and managed to stay on the right side of the boat (in it) LOL. We managed to get all our traps rebaited and set back in the water ready to to it all again in the morning and we were off to the wharf to unload our catch of the day.

Once unloaded the captain decided to give me a few lobster for the pot and a few extra for good luck (I guess) which works out well for me, and off I went to try my first Lobster feast back at my trailer.


there was enough lobster not only for a feast but for sandwiches for the next 3 days for lunch on the boat. anyway day 2 came way to fast I was definatly tired from the previous day especially with the lack of another helper. however we managed to get er done and I headed home for an early night sleep.

after day 2 on the boat of hauling the lobster my back ached, but it was my hands giving me most of my pain my left wrist and the back of my right hand were swollen and I could barely move them at the end of the 2nd day I was almost completely useless on the boat I couldn’t hold anything but we managed again and ill head to the store for some pain killers so ill be ready by morning.  (here”s hoping)

My Fishing Adventure to the east coast

May 10th 2015

Today we caught word from the DFO that the Lobster fishery in our zone will be open as of Tuesday. This means that we should be loading our boat with the first set of traps by tomorrow May 11th, and setting them first thing Tuesday Morning.

Today was also mothers day, and yes I did get a hold of mom and didn’t forget although it is something I would normally forget. It seems that when you are away from family and friends for a long period of time that you spend a lot of time thinking about them so in my case I should probably head out more often, I might remember more important days this way lol.

I was not forgotten myself either today Capt Andy stopped in just as I was settling down to a big bowl of Kraft dinner with hot dogs when he stuck his head through the door and asked if I would be interested in heading to town and meeting him and his wife for a lunch, on him. I quickly put my bowl of KD and dogs in the sink and through some socks on and was out the door. We went to a community Hall in Mabou where they were serving a buffet style mothers day lunch CAPT Andy had paid for my ticket and the feast was on. An excellent lunch and meet and greet with some locals, some great stories shared and then back to the warf to help Capt Jody get the boat together for opener.

The New guy for our boat had also arrived in town today. A Palastinian / Canadian named Kallil ? I think, After helping the Capt with the boat I headed over the new guys place to meet kallil and to get his power and water on, I was half way from the warf and kallil’s place and I see a guy walking down the road a guy not from around here. I slowed down and the guy asked me how far to the wharf? I giggled and  I asked if he was here to work for capt Jody, he was about 4 miles from his new to him dwelling, and another 4 or 5 miles to the wharf.  Kallil’s car had broken down about 1.5 hours away, the transmition had blown so now he was here to work and no vehicle to get back and forth. Good on him to continue his way I thought.

I drove the guy back to his place and I got the power on, but not the water.  The place was a disaster. The landloard had not cleaned the place from the last tenant and it looked like the place had been abandoned and had had squatters living there for months. Cobwebs were everywhere, light bulbs burnt out in almost every room, the sheets and pillows still set up in the living room next to a wood stove and  made as if it were ready for the next squatter to crash out after their next drunken night. This was the place Capt Jody asked if I wanted to stay in for the duration of my stay. I told the guy to come down to my trailer for the night and tomorrow we will work on the traps and when we are done then we can sort out the water situation in his place and go from there. At least at my place there was a bed lol. This new guy had only brought a bag of cloths and a box of food no furniture and no bedding, we’ll have to sort him out tomorrow, looks like im not the only one out for an adventure this spring. LOL