My Fishing Adventure On The East Coast

Sunday May 17th 2015

Today I was able get my wrists and hand a bit of a needed break as it was my day off. Unfortunately for the crab fisherman they are not as lucky they work the lobster on Monday’s Tuesday’s, Thursday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s, and they go crabbing on Wednesday’s, and Sunday’s each week until their quota’s are filled.


Anyway today was the first of the snow crab to come in and hit the wharf, I found it very interesting as there were a bunch of vehicles that pulled up and a bunch of young men jumped out of each vehicle and waited around for the crab boats to come in. as each boat comes in the men are hired to unload the boat, with approx 11,000lbs of crab it can take quite some time to unload as each of the crab must be put into crates, then put directly into a large tractor trailer and then packed with ice.



I was rewarded myself with a nice snowcrab which I made for dinner and had enough left over to make a crab sandwich for tomorrows lunch. It can pay off to be living right on the wharf, LOL.


On Monday it was back to work and since the traps were in the water for a couple of days without being disturbed it should be a good haul. Well the day didn’t disappoint a good haul indeed while Monster Stalking the Lobter we were rewarded with a few nice sized ones. LOL