The Blessing Of The Boats

The Blessing of the Boats

Today was a special day down at the wharf. Father Angus of St Mary’s Parish in Mabou came down to the wharf today to bless the boats and fisherman of the harbour. It seemed to me this was a long ongoing tradition of the area, and a good one at that. However although it seemed that many people were numb to activity that was going on, and treated it as just a tradition, myself, I found it very inspirational, and rewarding to have been part of such a tradition. I have heard about the blessing of the boats in many other areas where I have commercial fished in the past but have never witnessed it before.

It is a tradition where the local priest comes down to the wharf and many or all of the local people/fisherman in the area come to pray for a bountiful catch and the safety of the fisherman that year. It is a tradition where locals come to support their local fisherman and remember the fallen, in years past. For me it brought back memories of the horror stories of fisherman lost at sea, and the close calls I myself have had. Knowing there is such a local support made me feel good I had landed in this small town for my next fishing adventure. With holy water flicked onto the Boats in the harbour and a short community social afterwards, the parking lot slowly emptied and I was back listening to the birds, the sound of the wind blowing through the rolling hills off in the distance, watching a few lone fisherman tinker around the wharf, and staring at the motionless boats tied to the wharf waiting for the season to begin.

I walked down to the waters edge, fishing rod in hand, and casted a line in to the water. As I sat back in my chair sipping a glass of wine and staring at the tip of my rod for any movement to happen, I began to take it all in, everything around me, the rolling hills, the Bald eagle soaring above in search of its next meal, (I bet it catches a fish before I do) LOL, the sea water beneath me, and the smell of fresh coastal air with a hint of salt. A true bit of Paradise can be found in Mabou.

There is still too much ice for the DFO to open the season although I have heard that they may be opening the season this coming weekend. Captain Andy and I took a tour to see what the seas were like.


If anyone is looking for an awesome tuna fishing adventure this year take a look at the following and I can vouch for Capt Andy he is one hell of a good guy and by the word of the locals a great fisherman too.  Check out for a great day on the water and the catch of a life time.

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My Fishing Adventure On The East Coast

Day 21 Well that’s right I have been gone for 3 full weeks. 5 days ago was supposed to be the first day of Lobster fishing but with the below normal temperatures across the province and the ice buildup the DFO has postponed the beginning of the season until further notice. Normally all the fisherman have their boats in the water between weeks to even months prior to the opening of the season but lately there has been so much ice in the harbours and even in the open waters of the Atlantic that most of the wharfs in Cape Breton, and PEI, haven’t even got their boats in the water as of yet.

DSC_0368Cole mines beach

Captain Jody and the rest of the Captains in the Mabou Harbour were able to get their boats in the water today for the first time, this doesn’t mean that we will be fishing any time soon but at the very least the worry of getting boats in, is a weight lifted. With only 2 trucks all along the west coast of Cape Breton responsible for putting all the commercial boats at all the wharf’s in the water, you can imagine the scramble that will be going on between now and the opening day. Well at least we have a bit more time to get the gear ready.

DSC_0337Mabou Harbour at night

I was painting Buoy’s today I think I got more on me than the actual Buoy’s but I think I managed to at least get some in the right spot, HA HA HA.

Also today was a very exciting day for me it was moving day. I was able to finally move my trailer for the last time (hopefully) before I have to haul it back to Ontario, you know what that means! That’s right I finally have POWER, LOL. I moved the trailer from the public parking lot in Inverness to the Mabou harbour and finally got to plug it in oh yah, lights, TV, radio, and you guessed it HEAT, just in time for the plus 17 degrees, the weather man is calling for this week, LOL.


So one of the helpers of another boat looked at my situation saw the trailer and realized I’m down here alone so he asked me what do I do for fun?  I chuckled a bit and told him that every few years I go on a crazy adventure somewhere, Like about 5 years ago I tried snowmobiling across most of Canada on a 1977 Mercury Hurricane, but with the lack of snow that year I ended up in the Northwest Territories on a wild snowmobiling excursion and going on a flight with the Ice Pilots. (Thanks you Scotty Blue), the guy said really?  so what is the next adventure ? I said I was thinking that I would start checking some items off of my bucket list. So I had decided that on my next adventure I would travel to the east coast to do some Lobster fishing? He started saying why would you do that?, then he chuckled as he realized I was already knee deep into my next adventure and it was this moment in my adventure that has brought me to Mabou Harbour chatting with him.

Over the next few days everything seems to be moving in slow motion as I find myself stuck while trying to save money as opposed to spending it I try very hard to stay at the wharf. There really isn’t much to do here, I try and make my own fun. I did bring a fishing rod, but I have no tackle with me. So I walk along the peer and the rocks looking for someone’s discarded fishing tackle, quickly I came across a forgotten hook. So I grabbed my rod and a socket out of my socket set tied it on the line for a weight and cut a bit of chicken off my dinner fixed it to the hook and cast the line out into the channel and awaited my next possible meal to hit. Not surprised but after about an hour and a half I had not had a bite, I may have to invest in some tackle tomorrow.


driving down the mountain towards The Cole Mines

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