My Fishing Adventuress On The East Coast

Well its the start of the 6th week of the 2015 lobster season here in Cape Breton and I was getting ready to start a long 15 day straight of fishing as I am hoping to get out on a crab boat this coming Sunday. the captain and I were out for a couple of hours when the boat lost all power on the ocean. after taking a quick look to see if it would be an easy fix we could not get the boat back in motion.

The skipper made a quick call on the VHF to a nearby boat captained by Jackie Rankin another local fisherman. Soon we were being hauled back to the harbour to find out what the problem was.


once back at the wharf it wasn’t long before the Skipper found the root of the issue, a couple of bolts had snapped off a flange attached to the shaft that turns the prop of the boat. The skipper took off to the local mechanics and my day had turned into a short one but I guess the problem could have been worse. now its a waiting game to get back on the water.

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