My Fishing Adventures On The East Coast (final Week)

I have finally made it to the last week of the lobster fishing season here on the west side of Cape Breton island. I am feeling very relieved that I know I only have a few more days to go. The captain was able to get the boat running again on Tuesday night, but with the strong winds on Wednesday the Skipper decided to hold off going out just incase the part failed and we ended up stuck out in the ocean in rough seas. well we made up for not going out on Wednesday, on Thursday ha ha ha. We ended testing out the new parts that had been installed by putting a good 16 hour day on the water. We had a good haul of lobster to show for it too, I guess the traps had been sitting for a few days again so its a good thing we got a good haul.

during down time I try to lay low, Fishing from the peers, taking hikes, watching sunsets, and taking pictures, anything to keep my mind busy really. I had a bit of a tough day on Tuesday this week. My son graduated elementary school, and I was not around to watch him and celebrate the end of an era, and the beginning of a new chapter in his life. Not being on the water that day was hard, but it is the last week of the season and ill be on my way home soon.

Like I mentioned I had taken a few pics here are a few of my favorite ones for the week.

DSC_0896seagull fighting for some bait I threw

DSC_0829A fox just checkin me out


sunsetcaught this whale breach during a sunset the other day


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