Whats Happening

I have been home now for a few weeks from the east coast and already so many exciting things are happening. Although I cannot share everything with you at the moment I can share a few of the things that have been happening.

1st just 2 weeks ago I had discussed with a buddy of mine that I think we should start fishing another species of fish. We had both been thinking of trying our hand at Musky fishingover the past couple years and now was the time to give it a shot. first we tried going to Lake Stoco and a couple of the surrounding rivers that surround the lake, only to come away with nothing more than a few small Pike. Not that there is anything wrong with catching a few Northern’s but not exactly what we were setting out to do. 2nd we decided to ask if my good buddy who is extremely knowledgeable in the art of Stalking Musky would want to join us for a hunt. so we were off to the lake again. only this time armed with our secret weapon (DAVE) LOL.

after a tough afternoon of throwing large musky baits the sun was starting to go down and it wasn’t looking good. we didn’t even get a nibble, not that musky nibble LOL. when all of a sudden my buddy Pete had a huge hit on his line. after a few minutes of fighting what could only be described as “its definitely not a bass” on the line Pete landed not just his PB Musky to date but his PB fish as well, it was 37.5 inches. now for musky standards it was not a monster but for Peter and I we couldn’t get the smile off our face for a week. thanks Dave

pete musky

2nd I was able to land my third sponsor. Fishbum Outfitters has added me to their Field Staff. I absolutely love the clothing of this company. It is comfortable clothing with great designs, and made here in North America.

thank you Fishbum

check them out online, and get your Fishbum gear  today.


3rd check out the cool new Bay Of Quinte Regional tourism guide.
where you can find out what’s happening, or what to do in the region. also check out page 51 you may see someone familiar LOL

4th and 5th are going to be kept from you over the next few weeks but I promise to share with you as soon as I can it is huge news for Sea’s The Day Fishing

check back soon to see whats new with Sea’s The Day Fishing

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