Success On Quinte

After heading out onto Quinte these pat few weeks, I have found fishing to be hit and miss most of the time as turnover takes its course. However, yesterday, although slow to begin, ended up being a great day on the Bay.

To get the Eye in the picture below onboard, it was a team effort by all members on the boat. congratulations guys in a successful trip out.


Bring on the 2015 Quinte Gold Rush

Trouble in Port Hope

Over recent weeks there have been problems arising around the sport of Salmon fishing along the Ganaraska River in Port Hope.

I have known about this fishery for decades myself  but 2 years ago was the first time I got to witness the spawn of the King Salmon along the Gan. This is an incredible site to see if you have never had the chance. crystal clear water filled with giant dark shadows that move every now and again. Then in a fit of energy one of these shadows move at striking speed towards a small waterfall in the hope of making it up the falls to the next stage of the river where they will rest a bit before they do it all over again. I’m a bit of a hypocrite though, because although i do not believe one should be allowed to fish during this time I too would love the chance to hook into one of these fish the fight looks incredible. Please do not get me wrong here I do not look down on people that fish during these times as it is a legal fishery and I believe in our System in Ontario. I believe that if everyone were to follow the rules then we could sustain our fishery without a problem, (sort of ha ha ha) so by all means keep fishing LOL but do it respectfully, follow the rules, they are in place for a reason. STOP over fishing, this is what damages our fishery more than anything. Also The Ganaraska River is a beautiful place so please keep it that way.

I find it strange that we are allowed to fish for these salmon during the spawn anyway, When it is against the law to fish almost every other species during this time. Although I’m sure it is a great time to catch these mature salmon I too find it unsportsmanlike to target these fish during their spawn. The issues on the Ganaraska seem to be about the garbage left behind (which there are already laws in place to stop this from happening), and about illegally snagging, and over fishing, which again there are already laws in place. So although I agree with the idea that all rivers should be shut down during this time I think the real issue at hand, is there are not enough MNR and OPP around to enforce the laws that already exist. if we could enforce the existing laws properly then the problem in Port Hope would be minimized and people would be able to continue fishing without any problem, and without a serious threat to the salmon fishery. If there was something else to possibly consider to try and help the fishery, and some people will not agree with this I’m sure but I truly believe that every angler in addition to their fishing license should be required to carry proof of holding a valid OFAH membership this would greatly improve the resourses to help in restoring and populating our rivers and lakes with these fish we love to harvest every year. here is the link

Anyway these are just my personal thoughts on the issues at Port Hope as of Late.

Tight Lines

check the link for a video of the salmon run you may have to copy and paste the URL