part 1 of: Cruising the St Lawrence


Since Mid August, people who care to follow my little adventures, know that my boat has been down due to broken motors. With the costs of fixing my motors, along with the hope of continuing to contribute to the family household expenses, I decided that I needed to get a full time job until the motors were fixed and I could be back on the water full time.

While scrolling the online adds, I found an opportunity for a full time position with a reputable Local company, The St Lawrence Cruise Line. The position was for an entry Level Deckhand. I was very interested in this because it would allow me to continue spending my time (while my boat was getting fixed) on the water. In recent years I have found the desire to be on the water growing stronger. I knew flipping burgers somewhere would not surffice and this would be a much better option.

I realized in the Interview for the deckhand position, that although it was not a great paying job,  it had great potential to turn into an incredible opportunity for me down the road. This was not a dead end position, there seemed to be opportunity to move up in the company at a decent rate, where in the future I may be able to captain such a vessel. Don’t worry, I am not giving up Sea’s The Day!  But when I heard that the staff work an equal amount of days on the ship as they get off the ship, I realized it meant that I would have plenty of scheduled days off to be able to run my fishing charters alongside this position.

The Job was offered to me.                                                                                                                       And of course I took the position.

I was fit for my uniform, and when I say fitted, I mean they did not have anything big enough.  With a 6 week wait time on uniform delivery  I needed to take what I could and squeeze into them like stuffing a large hand into a small rubber glove. So a few days after being fitted, I was on route to Quebec City to spend 7 days, 24 hours a day, in close quarters, with a crew of people I have never met. A crew that innocently arrived that day not knowing what they were about to embark on, with me aboard.






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