Part 4: Cruising The St Lawrence

A Crew That Keeps Me Going

Over the past few months i have learned that every ones job on a cruise ship is just as important as the next. It takes everyone to create a smooth running opperation.

 The Galley is the busiest areas of the ship and the Chef and Galley Assistant have an incredibly difficult job. They pump out up to 80 plates three times a day out of a searing hot, tiny compact galley.  The food is extrodinary. Don’t piss these guys off or you may not be eating.

 I try to take care of these two guys the best I can because I need them to cure my ‘Hangry’ disease (for those who don’t understand,this is when an individual becomes irritable, and angry without just cause due to hunger). If the chef likes you he will take care of you, and he must REALLY like me. This has not gone unnoticed by the rest of the crew. The Cheif engineer now tells the chef, ‘I am good friends with James, if he is looking for a few extras on his plate. You have heard of super sizing your meal at Mcdonalds,? Well on the Canadian Empress we James size.

thumbnail_20160920_084002Chef’s way of curing my Hangry at breakfast

The Chief Engineer keeps the engines running.  A ship this size which runs contsant from may to october has no time for down time.  This is a feat that requires years of experience, knowledge and hard work. It is a thankless job from those you are providing a service for because to the guest, the Engineer is never heard, or seen. For all those guest who never thought to thank you, I salute you.

On the flip side the two most visible crew members who spend their days with our guests are our Purser Lori, and our Bartender Matt. 

Matt, works the latest shift out of everyone.  He is stationed at the bar until the last guest retires to their room. Getting to bed hours after anyones shift has ended. I am sure he can top any story any of the crew can recall from the guests.  Not only does he have a ear to listen and a bar to lean on for the guest but he has to be knowlegable of all the ports the ship visits. Matt has put up with me with great patients as I harass him to keep me hydrated almost hourly.

Without the Purser, Lori, the ships organization would probably get thrown out the hatch. She is the glue of the ship.  Lori takes care of all guest logistics, activities, and ensuring we follow protocol. With all this responsiblity she still finds time for humour.  One day she had me believing I was to lead a napkin folding seminar with my new found talent. I entered the saloon to a room of about a dozen, bright eyed ladies, eagerly anticipating my arrival….all I can say, I wore a new shade of red that day. But it was all a ruse and all I was needed for was to collect the garbage. I had never been so happy to haul garbage!

2 thoughts on “Part 4: Cruising The St Lawrence”

  1. I think ‘hangry’ is a perfect term for when that happens; I’ll be using that for sure!

    It isn’t just a cruise ship where the behind-the-scenes players are often overlooked just because they aren’t in your face… having you highlight your fellow workers with such glowing praise is a testament to how much you appreciate them. I hope they know it…

    A ‘Napkin Folding Seminar with The Stuffed Sausage Sailor’… I love it!! I would’ve paid money to see them pull that prank on you!


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