Its that time of year to start booking in your ice fishing excursion’s for this up coming 2017 winter season. 

    Last year we barely got enough ice in the region to safely be able to take clients out on the hard water. This resulted in many local outfitters closing up shop and cancelling trips, local tournaments. Many local fisherman were left frustrated and disappointed.

2017 at the moment is starting to look better however only time will tell. If you want to start thinking ahead and want to have the best chance at getting onto the ice this coming winter, we are already working hard to keep trails open to our many different lakes to be able to give you a ice fishing adventure of a lifetime. 

     Check out our many options we are able to provide you this year by going to our ” ice fishing Package page” and select the trip that best suits your desires. call us soon as availability is slimming.

Merry Christmas and have a great 2017 winter fishing season 

3 thoughts on “ICE FISHING ”

    1. Hi Daryl that is a Great question. The best answer to it in my personal opinion is this.
      1st ice is never really considered to be “safe” there are so many variables to consider when venturing out such as wind conditiond, current under the ice, out side temperatures, ice colour, your own weight, and weather the ice is snow covered, cloudy or glare ice. However with all that taken into account especially this time of the year or “first ice” a guide line is

      The below numbers are based on clear ice. Clear ice is considered to be the hardest ice and there for the safest ice. If ice is cloudy then you would need to times the below numbers by 2.5

      3″ of hard or clear ice should be OK to walk on with your gear. I personally won’t walk on anything less than 4″
      5″ of hard or clear ice to be able to bring a snowmobile or quad on.
      8″ for a light car and
      10″ to 12″ for a light duty truck however I never recommend bringing your vehicle onto the ice myself.

      This above numbers are just a guideline

      If you are thinking of heading out this season and haven’t done it before , then I suggest going with someone that is knowledgeable about ice conditions. Good luck and play safe.

      James Mathias


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