First Ice 

(One of the walleye caught this morning  on our trip thanks to Calvin Pyle)

Although we seem to have had some decent ice early this season, I wanted to remind everyone to be careful when venturing onto the ice. I have been able to find “safe” ice, however with the heavy snow falls we’ve had, it has insulated the ice in many area’s resulting with ice freezing extremely uneven. I have seen people out with ATV’s already and when walking out, the ice was no thicker than 2″ under slushy spots covered by snow. I would not go out anywhere at the moment without spudding my way out, I would definitely not be taking a snow machine of any type on any body of water at the moment. Stay safe people. 

2 thoughts on “First Ice ”

  1. it is good to see you are not quick to just hand out ice conditions. People do not seem to do their own research enough it seems and just follow peoples advice to easily now a day’s. you write some great content, keep up the great blogs.


    1. Thank you Joey for your comment, it is all too common for people to become complacent when going ice fishing. It is a dangerous sport , but if you treat it with respect and do your homework it is definitely a fun and super canadian sport to experience during the winter months


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