About CAPT James Mathias


Sea’s The Day Fishing Charters is no longer taking any clients until further notice,

I have made a carrear change for the time being, so if you are looking for reputable charter guide in the area, then a good place to start is with the following charter businesses.

Chasin Eye’s charters – https://chasineyescharters.com/ With Capt Ed Mackenzie,

Bay Of Quinte Charters, – http://www.bayofquintecharters.com/ With Capt Scott Wallcott

Fishin 4 Tails charters – http://www.fishing4tails.com/ With Capt Greg Amiel.

There are other great guides in the area as well but these are the guides I know personally and would highly recommend.

Located in The Bay Of Quinte, & the Land Of Lakes regions of Ontario

Although James grew up in Toronto he left there at a young age with the desire to travel. He found himself in Scotland working on a commercial fishing boat off the shores of Aberdeen. He did not know it at the time but fishing would one day become his passion. Years later, James followed his calling again and found himself commercial fishing, this time off our home shores in The Bay of Fundy.

Once again James took the spring of 2015 to travel to the east coast to try his hand as a deck hand of a commercial Lobster fishing vessel. Based out of Mabou Harbour in Cape Breton NS. Also getting the chance to fish on a commercial Snow Crab boat when a crew was left short handed. James was able to add 2 other types of fishing to his ever growing resume of fish species.


James has been a hobbie fisherman his entire life. James is well traveled and has experienced fishing in glacier fresh water of Alaska to the salt waters in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond.

In 2017 James Embarked on a cross country fishing adventure. James worked the summer at a northern Ontario fishing lodge as a fishing guide, then in August through to the middle of September, James traveled from Ontario to Vancouver Island Nd back fishing in each province and showcasing a multitude of different types of fishing opportunities that this country has to offer. James did this to attempt raising money through The Canadian Fishing Network for a charity called Feed My Starving Children.

Alothough James took a hiatus period during 2018 while he is currently switching Careers and looking to be a captian of larger boats, His favorite type of fishing is still fishing the local waters of southern Ontario. Many mornings you can find James in the Bay Of Quinte, fishing for Walleye as the sun rises. James claims it is the tastiest fish in our waters, and the size that we can get in the bay is world renown. This is why he feels lucky to now call Quinte home.

James loves all types of fishing and has extensive knowledge in saltwater commercial and fresh water fishing. James encourages catch & release on all of his charters. However he is not opposed to anyone taking their legal limit of fish home, for a great canadian style fish fry.

Operating Sea’s The Day Fishing for 6 years, was James coming full circle back to his working fishery roots by merging his dedication as a fisherman, determination of a sportsman, and experience of an entrepreneur to share his passion with all who joined him.

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