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My Fishing Adventures On The East Coast (the week of pain)

Wow what a week LOL this week was packed full of surprises. As I had mentioned in my last post on Monday we started the week by breaking down and getting towed back to the wharf. Tuesday went fairly well however the weather was a bit on the rough side but what do I expect,  I guess we cant have great we ather all the time.


On  Wednesday we fueled the boat first thing in the morning and I think we may have made it about 6 maybe 7 feet from the wharf when the boat lost all power again and we blew back to the dock and tied up, the day was a write off. both Wednesday and Thursday we were going nowhere as the boat needed a bit of TLC. as we finished the repairs to the boat at about midnight Thursday it was late to bed and early to rise so we could try and play catch up baiting traps and banding claws.

the wind was blowing hard on Friday and a north wind at that. The Captain seems to always get seasick with the north winds and this time was no different. as the day moved on and the skipper feeling ill he wasn’t about to go in as we had missed to much fishing time this week already. we were hauling  traps as we normally would when the rope tightened right up and stopped the hauler dead in its tracks, as the skipper reached out to the rope to try and shake it free ( it sometimes works), the rope sprung out of the hauler sending the 20lbs metal wheel (called the block) straight into the skippers head. hardly a peep out of his mouth he went down on one knee holding his head. I didn’t really see what had just happened I thought the rope had hit him, not the block. anyway with the skippers head bleeding and him feeling seasick he now had a giant headache to boot. anyway ill give it up for the CPT he toughed through it and worked the rest of the day.

Saturday was not gentle on us either with large rolly waves in the morning and rain most of the day another long day but the week was done for the Skip.


As for me Sunday at 2am I had a knock on the trailer door to start my first day as on a crab boat.

the ride out to the crab grounds was about 2 hours of decent sea’s but by the time we were ready to start hauling crab traps the wind was blowing a north wind, about 25km North wind too.

as the waves hit the boat one at a time relentlessly throughout the day it slowly started making me loose by sea legs LOL by about 5pm the boat was going one way and I was going the other, I wasn’t sick but totally disoriented. I have now experienced lots of different types of fishing and this by far was the hardest longest 20.5 hours I have ever put on the water. at 10:30pm we were back at the wharf and I cant remember the 25foot walk back to my trailer, and believe I was asleep before I hit my pillow.

Monday morning came fast and furious at 4:30 am to start week 6 (I think) of the lobster season. The Skipper had somewhere to be and with the winds blowing hard on the Sunday the harvest wasn’t great so we were in by 3pm an early day for us. once we unloaded our catch at the wharf we were heading across the harbour to our regular parking spot when we lost all power to the boat again. me standing at the stern ready to jump onto the floating dock to tie off was wondering why the boat started going sideways towards other parked vessels I yelled to the skipper to PUT HER IN REVERSE when he replied ” I GOT NOTTIN” Moving quickly to push us off the other boats we were about to hit we managed to get the old girl nosed into the wharf and tied off. The Boat was dead in the water and the transmission was finally dead.

As bad as I feel for the captain about this, truth be told I was happy to get a day off LOL it has been a long week, with the break downs I had still had approx 80 to 90 hours on the water in the past 7 days. although I hope the problem can be fixed fairly quickly or the season may be done for the skipper and I.


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Day 4.  Man these nights are cold. The temperatures dropped to -8 degrees last night, and my trailer has been without heat so far this trip, its like sleeping on a few cushions in your unheated garage to give you an idea. None the less I had a good nights sleep under a few sleeping bags huddled into the survival position (ha ha ha), (its a good thing I’m used to the cold after the winter ice fishing season, otherwise I might be on my way home already lol)

I woke up late Had a bite to eat and decided to drive the rest of the way to Mabou Cape Breton.  Along the way I had stopped to pick up a hitch hiker named Eli he too was headed to the Cape to go visit his girlfriend. We had a nice chat for 40ish minutes and parted ways. It wasn’t long before I was at my destination in Mabou NS.

A few weeks before I left Ontario I had called a campground just outside Mabou and made arrangements to be able to get into the park with my trailer a few weeks before they officially opened on May 15th, however as I arrived to the campground I found it completely snowed in and no one had been there in months. I called the owner of the park and he was very helpful and told me to go and park at a local tennis court parking lot down the road a couple miles. I never found the tennis court so I just drove back to the town of Mabou to regroup myself and figure out what to do.

DSC_0228 Town of Mabou NS.

Looking at the ocean it was still completely covered in ice not like it was back in Advocate harbour yesterday,  of course this has me a bit worried as to when the fishing seasons will open in this area?


After a quick lunch at a local diner and searching online for any fishing jobs close by that might be starting immediately to which I was unsuccessful, I decided to head down the road to the next town of Inverness. Inverness was only 25km away and along the same coat line but it looked bigger on the map and I was hoping to be able to park the trailer somewhere.

I arrived in the town around 130pm and was able to find a public parking lot near the Harbour right along the water. All afternoon locals came through the parking lot walking their dogs, hiking, biking, and some just out for an afternoon stroll. I walked down to the docks to talk with some local fisherman getting some equipment ready for the upcoming season, to find out that just up the road in a town called Cheticamp was hiring workers to work in the lobster processing plant even if there was no one fishing the plant was getting ready to start the season.

DSC_0210equipment waiting for the boats to launch

I took a minute to catch my breath, look around and take it all in, made a few phone calls to friends and family and catch the sunset before I hit the sack again. For in the morning im headed to Cheticamp.

DSC_0238sunset over Mabou NS open water

Spring 2015: Extreme Fishing

If Deadliest Catch, Wicked Tuna, and Cold Water Cowboys are on you nightly channel surfing list; follow this Blog and my social media over the next few months. I am not a stranger to the commercial fishing industry. Over the years I have found jobs over seas off the coast of Scotland in the North Sea, and back in Canada on The Bay Of Fundy in Nova Scotia. Now after several seasons of chartering my own boat in The Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario, I am preparing to head back into the commercial side of things for Spring 2015 and hope you will follow me there (online of coarse).  Have you ever thought it would be cool to land a commercial fishing job when watching extreme fishing shows?  Get ready to experience what it is really like to become a deckhand on a commercial fishing vessel and watch/read my real life interpretation of our favorite reality shows.

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Diving apparatuses

Many of you may have heard of or even use a few different types of diving techniques to get your baits down to the fish lets discuss the different ways to present a bait to the fish

1st you can use just the weight of the actual lure itself to get your baits in front of the fish you are trying to catch. Each type of lure has different shaped lips in front of the actual lure. The purpose of the lip on a lure is to get the lure itself down to a specific depth with a specific amount of line out behind the boat. Now Depending on the amount of line you put out will determine how deep each lure will dive as per the manufacturer’s specs. Most companies will base the accuracy of each lure by comparing the depth of each individual lure with 100ft of line out behind the boat. Once you go beyond a specific amount of line out, the lure will no longer dive any deeper, it is at this point if you wish to dive a bit deeper or even change the angle of a specific lure that you may find the aid of a diving apparatus helpful.

Some of the most common diving apperatuses are, Down Riggers, Dipsy Divers, Jet Divers, Bottom bouncers, Torpedo Weights, Inline weights, Snap weights, and Now this year Tadpole Weights.

To start off with this week I will talk about Down Riggers. I will post a different blog about each diving apparatus over the next 6 weeks until I have covered all the above mentioned techniques.

Diving apparatuses

Week 1 – Down Riggers

Down Riggers can be a very useful tool, especially during the hunt for the Trophy fall walleye here on the bay Of Quinte. This is where Anglers put their baits, usually a small lipped or shallow diving bait 15ft to 50ft behind their boat and  use a very heavy weight called a cannon ball, usually between the 8 to 12 lbs range, to get their bait down to a very specific depth in the water column.  Although a very effective tool, a down rigger can be costly, they can run anywhere from $80.00 for a light duty hand cranking one to a very expensive top of the line $800.00 machine with all the bells and whistles, and the weights themselves can run anywhere from $20.00 to $100.00 plus, each.  If an angler needs to get bait down anywhere from 15ft to 200ft it is very easily achieved by using a rigger.  Anglers have been using riggers for years and for good reason, They Work.


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Time for The Bay Of Quinte Fall trophy hunt.

dave paroWell its that time of year again where trophy walleye make their journey into the Bay Of Quinte from their summer homes in the big water of lake Ontario to their winter ones in The Bay Of Quinte. Each Fall huge Walleye migrate to their staging areas throughout The Bay Of Quinte where thousands of anglers flock for their chance at trophy Walleye. These fish are commonly caught in the 2 to 5 lbs range (as shown in pic from yesterday) throughout the summer months however when the fall comes and before the ice forms there is a short period of time maybe a month to a month and a half where 8 to 10 lbs walleye are common and you can even find them in the range of 14 and 15lbs plus during this time.

The Later in the season and as the water surface temps drops to just above freezing is where you’ll find locals, Guides, and people around the glob in search of those elusive world renown trophy Eye’s. Yesterday I was out scouting with a couple of friends in the Bay and although we did see some huge hooks on my electronics we were unable to entice anything considered to be a trophy to bite. Marking fish like we did yesterday only got us excited because that is a sure sign that the fall hunt will soon be in full swing.

As the temperatures drop its time to put away those worm harnesses and start using those deep diving crank baits trolled with lengthy leads behind your boat, or is it? for those people that maybe would like to try their hand at these fall beauties but don’t want to spend a fortune doing it there are many devices and aids sold on the market today to help get smaller lipped baits and spinners down deeper with less bulk in the water, helping not to spook the fish, the result is that you can use some of the baits you used all summer in the shallows now to fish the fall walleye that like deeper water. Of course those big lipped baits work great and have done for some time but if you don’t have money to burn and don’t want an entirely new stock of lures then try looking into some of these devices it might save you some cash?

more to come on fall walleye tactics soon.