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What fishing is really about!

They say a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work. I tend to agree with that statement and here is one scenario.

leave me a comment below and let me know if you agree.

If you  have ever fished The Bay Of Quinte in the Fall you know that The Bay seems to have a mind of its own at times. The Bay Of Quinte commands respect. Every morning as many of you fight your way through city traffic and crowd your self onto over populated street cars and subways, trying hard not to make eye contact with the person rubbing up against you, by looking onto your electronic devices and spending all day trying to get the smell of a thousand different perfumes, mixed with BO, and thousand cologne smells  you had the pleasure of encountering before you had your morning coffee,  out of your head. relax there is a place where all that craziness seems to just disappear.

Of course, I’m talking about fishing. Fall Fishing on The Bay Of Quinte can be, in a word, majestic. As clients pull up to the harbor before sunrise and watch as the fishing captains of all the charters tied off to the docks ready their boats for the days activities, If you could just relax for a few minutes and pay attention to your surroundings, you would notice an array of activities going on. Anglers launching their boats into the water at the main public launch, the trees rustling in the wind on the high cliffs surrounding the harbor, the sound of the boats warming their engine’s, the sound of the birds coming to the harbor and landing in the water where they stay for the day to feed, the distant chit chat of anglers discussing their days plan and wishing each other luck.

As the sun tries hard to make an appearance a dim light starts to shine through the trees empty branches, its time to load clients onto the boats. As each Boat unties from their respected dock, you see a convoy of charter boats slowly making their way out of the harbor and into the channel. The water like a sheet of glass and the boats not even making a ripple in the water. By the time most of the boats have reached the entrance  where the channel meets the bay, boats start to throttle up as to be the first boat to their days choice spot. the boats head out into all directions and soon they all disappear and you are alone, just you, your captain, and your crew.

As we make our way to our destination, the sun rising,  you start to notice the light fog over top of the water as it is cooling and getting closer to the big freeze of the winter months. shore lines lightly covered with a dusting of snow, we pass a flock of low flying ducks one way, and a flock of geese the next. The boat throttles down and comes almost to a complete stop. The captain starts the small trolling motor and turns off the main engines you can barely hear the small motor running, after a short time the captain has set up all the rods and reels and you slowly start to concentrate on the rod tips moving, and awaiting the sound the reel makes when there is a fish on the line. Pretty soon any and all life’s little problems seem to have taken a back seat to the tranquility, and the immediate, here and now.

After a while of trolling around you start to get anxious and wanting to hear the scream of the reel knowing that there would be a potental that dinner may be on the other end, Yet Nothing happens. The captain makes a few changes in the program and you feel excitement that the changes made, will make all the difference, and soon a fish will strike.

More time passes, and the lines lay quietly in the water stalking your prey. You have now long since finished your coffee, and start to forget about the act of catching fish. chatting among your friends and reminiscing of old times, As time passes you have now completely given up on hope that any one will catch a fish today but you don’t mind as you are having fun listening to, and telling stories, having a few snacks, and listening to some music. its now mid afternoon and there is a strange clicking sound coming from behind your seat, the captain jumps out of his seat and runs over you to grab the rod with a bend in it he sets the drag of the reel and hands it to you. at first you don’t really feel anything maybe a bit of resistance but cant tell if a fish is on the line or if its just the lure at the other end. Suddenly a few good shakes of the fish and the rod loads up almost bending right over, you think the rod is about to snap. now your adrenaline pumping, the blood rushing through your veins, you realize you have a big fish on the other end. after several minutes of fighting, your arm gets tired, you want to hand off the fish but your friends are cheering you on and you can’t give it up now. you fight the fish until it is at the boat, the captain pulls a net out and nets the biggest Walleye you have ever seen. after taking a few pictures you decide to release the fish back to try and let someone else have their chance at catching this beauty fish.


Its your personal best walleye and possibly fish you have ever caught. the captain re-sets line in hopes of a last attempt to try for another one before its time to go in.

Unfortunatly not another one is caught for the day. The captain brings up the lines, turns off the small trolling motor, the big engines tart up and you head in for the day, on the way home you start to notice the sun starting to set, the birds that you passed in the morning are starting their journey back to where they came from, soon you notice other boats getting closer heading back to port, and shortly there is a few boats heading back up the channel to the harbor creating that convoy you noticed in the morning.

Once you get back to the dock you realize that you did not think about work all day, or that you have to get to the bank to make that payment, or you havn’t talked with your wife/ girlfriend/boyfriend all day and didn’t get the dreaded, (can you pick up a few things on your way home ) call.  you realize that you had fun with some friends and have just made another great memory. Now your already looking forward to your next day on the water knowing every day fishing can be extremely different than the last trip out.

Capt James Mathias



Don’t forget to let me know if you agree.

Is a bad day fishing better than a good day at work?


Where Are All The Bay Of Quinte Walleye.

If you have travelled to The Bay Of Quinte this fall season to try your luck at the amazing walleye fishery that you have probably heard about, you may have found yourself wondering what all the hype is about?

I have heard it many times this fall from people travelling from all over North America. The question, “So how was it?” The answer’s “Blanked, Skunked, Nothing today, bite is off, Slow, 1, probably better tomorrow” (or my favorite)  and to be perfectly honest I have said this one myself LOL “WE LOST A GIANT”.(only in my case’s its always true LOL) well there is no denying it, up to now the 2015 walleye fishing season has been very poor on the Bay Of Quinte.


here is what I am seeing out there on the water. In many cases in the Adolphus Reach area I am seeing a lot of fish  on my graph, down very deep in the water column, down about 60 /80 feet and deeper.  I am seeing the water temperatures have still not dropped like they normally do at this time of year. So In my personal opinion I believe that there are a good number of fish that have made their way into the bay from the open waters of Lake Ontario, however, I do not believe that the temperatures have dropped enough for the majority of the fish to have made their way into the bay yet. The walleye have definitely started the trek but they are in no rush to get to their staging areas where they feed heavily to bulk up for the winter months.

With surface water temperatures hovering around the 49 / 50 degree Fahrenheit range we are still a fair way off from seeing the fish feel an ergency to bulk up for the winter months, a time where they feed heavily. I believe the walleye fishing will get a lot better over the coming weeks with the outside temperatures dropping significantly, maybe even in time for a Christmas walleye LOL.

carrie fish

Even though Anglers have not been seeing the numbers of fish that they might be used to for the Quinte fall fishing Bonanza, the fish that are being caught have been quality fish and are sure to put a smile on ones face.


Success On Quinte

After heading out onto Quinte these pat few weeks, I have found fishing to be hit and miss most of the time as turnover takes its course. However, yesterday, although slow to begin, ended up being a great day on the Bay.

To get the Eye in the picture below onboard, it was a team effort by all members on the boat. congratulations guys in a successful trip out.


Bring on the 2015 Quinte Gold Rush

Trouble in Port Hope

Over recent weeks there have been problems arising around the sport of Salmon fishing along the Ganaraska River in Port Hope.

I have known about this fishery for decades myself  but 2 years ago was the first time I got to witness the spawn of the King Salmon along the Gan. This is an incredible site to see if you have never had the chance. crystal clear water filled with giant dark shadows that move every now and again. Then in a fit of energy one of these shadows move at striking speed towards a small waterfall in the hope of making it up the falls to the next stage of the river where they will rest a bit before they do it all over again. I’m a bit of a hypocrite though, because although i do not believe one should be allowed to fish during this time I too would love the chance to hook into one of these fish the fight looks incredible. Please do not get me wrong here I do not look down on people that fish during these times as it is a legal fishery and I believe in our System in Ontario. I believe that if everyone were to follow the rules then we could sustain our fishery without a problem, (sort of ha ha ha) so by all means keep fishing LOL but do it respectfully, follow the rules, they are in place for a reason. STOP over fishing, this is what damages our fishery more than anything. Also The Ganaraska River is a beautiful place so please keep it that way.

I find it strange that we are allowed to fish for these salmon during the spawn anyway, When it is against the law to fish almost every other species during this time. Although I’m sure it is a great time to catch these mature salmon I too find it unsportsmanlike to target these fish during their spawn. The issues on the Ganaraska seem to be about the garbage left behind (which there are already laws in place to stop this from happening), and about illegally snagging, and over fishing, which again there are already laws in place. So although I agree with the idea that all rivers should be shut down during this time I think the real issue at hand, is there are not enough MNR and OPP around to enforce the laws that already exist. if we could enforce the existing laws properly then the problem in Port Hope would be minimized and people would be able to continue fishing without any problem, and without a serious threat to the salmon fishery. If there was something else to possibly consider to try and help the fishery, and some people will not agree with this I’m sure but I truly believe that every angler in addition to their fishing license should be required to carry proof of holding a valid OFAH membership this would greatly improve the resourses to help in restoring and populating our rivers and lakes with these fish we love to harvest every year. here is the link

Anyway these are just my personal thoughts on the issues at Port Hope as of Late.

Tight Lines

check the link for a video of the salmon run you may have to copy and paste the URL

Fall Walleye on the Bay Of Quinte

As the year goes by and the summer grows short, children start the dreaded school year, and people are starting to pack up cottages, and trailers.  Most people tend to think that the open water fishing season is quickly coming to an end. Well I’m gonna tell you that when it comes to the fishing walleye in the Fall months, this can be, and usually is some of the best fishing times of the entire year.

Here on The Bay Of Quinte we are just gearing up for the busiest time of the year. This is the time of the year where many people flock to the Region in hopes of landing a trophy walleye of a life time, A true worthy wall mount. The best time of the year to catch those monster eye’s is between October and the end of November or until the ice no longer permits you to get out on the open water.

As the temperatures drop drastically throughout the fall, the walleye migrate from the open water of Lake Ontario into The Bay Of Quinte, in preparation for the Spring spawn, and the fishing gets better and better. This is a perfect opportunity to get out and catch that fish you were looking for all summer long. it is not uncommon to see many fish from the 9 to 13lbs range on a daily basis, and even up to 15/16 lbs can be caught frequently. But don’t be fooled, even though many of these fish are caught daily Quinte is a master at the ultimate tease.

I have been  out for days at a time with great numbers of fish on the graphs, and on our lines, and just when you think you are a master at catching these finicky fish and you cant do anything wrong, you go out the next day and they have all disappeared on you and you need to start from scratch finding them again.

I am on the fish year round have many producing spots around the Bay, so if your one of those people that figure the fishing season is over in September and put your boat away for the winter but wish you could get out on the water during this time, then give me a call i’d be happy to book you a trip out this Fall. Who knows maybe i can help land that personal best Walleye you’ve been dreaming of.

giant eye's

if you want to learn more about the Fall Walleye on the Bay Of Quinte then follow my blog hit the like button and follow my social media pages for the most up to date, current information, and pictures.

Tight Lines

CAPT James Mathias


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Whats Happening

I have been home now for a few weeks from the east coast and already so many exciting things are happening. Although I cannot share everything with you at the moment I can share a few of the things that have been happening.

1st just 2 weeks ago I had discussed with a buddy of mine that I think we should start fishing another species of fish. We had both been thinking of trying our hand at Musky fishingover the past couple years and now was the time to give it a shot. first we tried going to Lake Stoco and a couple of the surrounding rivers that surround the lake, only to come away with nothing more than a few small Pike. Not that there is anything wrong with catching a few Northern’s but not exactly what we were setting out to do. 2nd we decided to ask if my good buddy who is extremely knowledgeable in the art of Stalking Musky would want to join us for a hunt. so we were off to the lake again. only this time armed with our secret weapon (DAVE) LOL.

after a tough afternoon of throwing large musky baits the sun was starting to go down and it wasn’t looking good. we didn’t even get a nibble, not that musky nibble LOL. when all of a sudden my buddy Pete had a huge hit on his line. after a few minutes of fighting what could only be described as “its definitely not a bass” on the line Pete landed not just his PB Musky to date but his PB fish as well, it was 37.5 inches. now for musky standards it was not a monster but for Peter and I we couldn’t get the smile off our face for a week. thanks Dave

pete musky

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4th and 5th are going to be kept from you over the next few weeks but I promise to share with you as soon as I can it is huge news for Sea’s The Day Fishing

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My Fishing Adventures On The East Coast (final Week)

I have finally made it to the last week of the lobster fishing season here on the west side of Cape Breton island. I am feeling very relieved that I know I only have a few more days to go. The captain was able to get the boat running again on Tuesday night, but with the strong winds on Wednesday the Skipper decided to hold off going out just incase the part failed and we ended up stuck out in the ocean in rough seas. well we made up for not going out on Wednesday, on Thursday ha ha ha. We ended testing out the new parts that had been installed by putting a good 16 hour day on the water. We had a good haul of lobster to show for it too, I guess the traps had been sitting for a few days again so its a good thing we got a good haul.

during down time I try to lay low, Fishing from the peers, taking hikes, watching sunsets, and taking pictures, anything to keep my mind busy really. I had a bit of a tough day on Tuesday this week. My son graduated elementary school, and I was not around to watch him and celebrate the end of an era, and the beginning of a new chapter in his life. Not being on the water that day was hard, but it is the last week of the season and ill be on my way home soon.

Like I mentioned I had taken a few pics here are a few of my favorite ones for the week.

DSC_0896seagull fighting for some bait I threw

DSC_0829A fox just checkin me out


sunsetcaught this whale breach during a sunset the other day