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Diving Apperatuses Jet Divers and Bottom Bouncers

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Diving apparatuses

Week 3 – Jet Divers and bottom bouncers

Some people have asked me what the difference is between a Jet Diver and a Dipsy Diver? As both diving apperatuses attempt to do the same thing the truth of the matter is they actually give off quite a different action to the bait under the water, especially when paired with planer boards. When fishing in rough weather which is usually the preferred meathod when fishing walleye anyway, Dipsy’s tend to to sink a slightly every time the boat moves in a backward motion due to the waves, while Jet divers float if released therefore everytime a planer board moves backwards after a wave moves through the jet diver tends to raise slightly in the water raising the lure on the end of it and as Walleye tend to feed in an upward motion I feel that this movment of the Diver keeps your presentation in the strike zone longer. However I do not believe that this explanation works for all circumstances. If the walleye are on bottom then I would tend to think that it is the dipsy that would be a better fit.

Bottom bouncers,

Bottom bouncers are a well known technique throughout the quinte region. Primarily used in the spring this can be a very productive way of fishing. With a fairly aggressive dive curve this method I know personally has put a large quantity of fish in my boat. This weighted system as all the other diving aids on the market come in a variety of shapes sizes and weights. For the purposes of fishing for Walleye in Quinte most of the weights I talk about are in the 1 to 3 ounce area, however sometimes in the early spring smaller ones can be productive.

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Spring Walleye fishing Tip Of The Week for The Bay Of Quinte


This weeks tip is Bottom bouncers.

       I find using bottom bouncers paired with a worm harness extremely useful here in the Bay Of Quinte, especially in the spring when you are trying to get those small baits down deep when you are marking walleye on bottom. Bottom Bouncers are an easy solution. They come in many different sizes and it can be intimidating trying to understand which one to choose, well I’ll simplify it for you.

      1st, know the water you will be fishing in, take a look at some charts of the body of water you will be fishing before you leave your house, take a good look at the depth of the area on the maps. once you figure out the area you’ll be fishing in then all you need to know is, when choosing a bottom bouncer you need approx. 1 ounce weight per 10 feet of water

      when deploying the bottom bouncer you want to be travelling at your desired speed and quickly feed your line with tension behind the boat until you can feel the bottom through your rod. once that happens allow your boat to move ahead a bit until the bouncer comes off bottom then slowly let back a bit more line until you can feel bottom again then set the bail this should give you the desired 45 degree angle that these devices are meant to be used.

      Your worm harness will typically be anywhere from 1 to 2 feet behind the bottom bouncer in the spring. I personally like to use a Colorado or larger blade on my worm harnesses in the spring time because it slows the presentation down a bit. Either a live worm or a plastic worm will work well when paired with a worm harness.

I hope this Tip was helpful and come back to this site next week for you next Bay Of Quinte Tip Of The Week.