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Success On Quinte

After heading out onto Quinte these pat few weeks, I have found fishing to be hit and miss most of the time as turnover takes its course. However, yesterday, although slow to begin, ended up being a great day on the Bay.

To get the Eye in the picture below onboard, it was a team effort by all members on the boat. congratulations guys in a successful trip out.


Bring on the 2015 Quinte Gold Rush

LAST POST1!!! for My Fishing Adventure on The East Coast

My Fishing Adventures of the East Coast

Well the last day of my fishing adventure for 2015 on the East coast has come to an end. I came out with the intention of putting my head down for a few months and work hard on a lobster boat. I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest. I have worked on commercial vessels in previous years & in various parts of the world. In 2002 I spent a summer working on a scallop boat in Advocate Harbour NS. shucking scallops. After my stint on the scallop boat, at the time the Captain had invited me to come back to work the lobster season. Unfortunately at that time I was unable to make the trip back out to try out the lobster season but ever since I have wanted to try my hand at fishing for one of the worlds finest high end sea food, as a deck hand.


With the TV shows such as wicked Tuna, Deadliest Catch, Cold Water Cowboys, over the past 10 years and combined with the fact I now run my own fishing charter business which in my personal opinion is one of the best places to do what I do, chartering a world class fishery for arguably some of the largest walleye found in the world on The Bay Of Quinte. This peeked my interest to try and find a job for this past spring season. I was in for a bit of a shock tho, I had a false idea that lobster fishing would be one of the easier commercial fishing jobs that I would have ever experience and I was in for a rude awakening.

Maybe because im not as young and fit as I once was or maybe because truly Lobster fishing is actually a tough deal but I found this experience very rewarding and extremely difficult. With long hours (at least on my boat) LOL, Lobster fishing had quickly humbled me as I found I was not the lean mean fishing machine I figured I was when I looked in the mirror HA HA HA, Some 13 hour days 6 days a week lifting 250 traps a day weighing up to 120lbs each, sorting sea crustations that are trying all day to rip your fingers apart, Sorting through thousands of lobster daily, and banding up to 1500 (ish)  claws per day, hanging over the edge of the boat to hook a rope which are often stuck on rocks and pulling against the tide while trying to balance yourself through rough seas. Everything in nature’s power is trying its hardest to prevent the fisherman of Cape Breton from trying to help supply the world with some of the finest tasting seafood many have come to love and rarely afford.  But year after year these fishermen successfully battle the elements, and do so with dignity, and pride.

I was however fortunate enough to get a chance to see one the rarest lobsters in the ocean. the blue lobster, and not only did I get to see it once but on the last day of the season we actually got to pull up another blue lobster I think to be completely honest it was the exact same one we caught almost 2 weeks prior and released.

A friend of mine Jeff flew out to come for a visit and I was able to get him out on the boat for the last day of the season and he too was lucky enough to get the rare opportunity to get a glimpse of the blue lobster being caught and released back to its natural environment, a very special moment for me.


This type work is not for the weak, it is a tough job. But I would recommend it to anyone that are adventure seekers, determined, hardworking, has a love of fishing, loves being on the water, and of course does not get sea sick. I would challenge anyone who has never done it before to give it a try and see if you have what it takes to be a commercial lobster fisherman. And if you do then Cape Breton is the place to do it.

I will take a moment to thank a few people I have met out here I can only attribute my first ever successful season as a commercial lobster fisherman.

First to my new friends Liam, Boo, you guy’s to me are the salt of the earth type of people Liam helped me get sorted once I had arrived in Mabou Harbour he got the trailer working properly and helped me get my water tank filled up on a weekly basis among a tonne of other things you did for me without asking just because you are good people. Always willing to lend a helping hand, you guys are what helped make my trip enjoyable and I wanted to thank you for everything. your kids are amazing, Parker buddy, ill miss ya, keep your head up on the bike and hug Marry for me daily LOL.

DSC_0711Liam and I at the Cole mine harbour

Next Capt Andy, this individual helped me through the months as well. He invited me into his home for a hot showers and a meal on several occasions, He took me both crab, and lobster fishing while my captians boat was down getting fixed. I enjoyed every moment of your time I wish you the best of luck with your fishing charter business you are a hell of a fisherman one of the best, hard core, and a great guy in my personal opinion cheers bud. If anyone is looking for a wicked, tuna fishing adventure in Nova Scotia then check out Captain Andy’s charter I guarantee you’ll have the experience of a life time. Go to  www.rankintunacharters.ca or call him at 902-9452709 you’ll be glad you did, and Capt I’d fish with you anytime.


Millan at the Downstreet in Inverness, you are a laugh for sure and the reason I kept coming back to the café, congrats on the new position bro you deserve it. Til next time bud.

And of course I must thank Captain Jody Rankin. Without you giving me this opportunity to kick my butt on the open water day in and day out this season I would not have had this incredible adventure giving me a memory of a lifetime. We have spent the last 2 months together, but we have spent more time together in that short period than I get to spend with my wife in a year. We fished calm waters, rough seas, been towed in from open water, worked through the break downs, caught lobsters, had break downs, worked through injuries together, did I mention the break downs HA HA HA. I hope we will fish again together sometime soon, I appreciate everything you did for me while I was here, oh and tell your wife she is an amazing cook LOL your a lucky man CPAT.  maybe if you can make the trip to Ontario one day I’ll be able to return the favor, and again thank you for the opportunity.


There are many other people here on the island I met and wish I could mention but this blog would turn into a book so I’ll just stop there. But I will say that the experience of meeting some of the communities around the island I have never seen a more hospitable people in all the travels around the world I have ever been to and I look forward to making a trip back again someday. Thank you Cape Breton


Some other people I need to thank here are my family. I have 2 beautiful boys that have given me their support back home and always support me in my adventures in life, it was very hard for me to be away from you guys for this long and I look forward to seeing you soon. And of course my beautiful wife Rachel, without your support and sacrifice I could not go and do these crazy adventures. There is not a women on this earth that can put up with husband like me I know, and you do it in stride and with a smile. I’m a lucky man,  I love you with all my heart, and I’m coming home, see you soon babe.


I hope for those that have followed my Fishing Adventures On The East Coast, that you enjoyed the story. This was about my real life interpretation of what its really like to become a deck hand on a commercial fishing vessel for the Lobster season.  I’m sure I’ll be doing another one before long LOL.

If you enjoyed, please like and share my FaceBook Page, and /or  Comment below, if you think you would like to try your hand at doing something like this I would be happy to speak with you and my be give some helpful advise.

Tight Lines, and full traps

James Mathias

My Fishing Adventure On The East Coast Continues

My Fishing Adventures on the East Coast

I have just finished my 2nd week of Lobster fishing out of Mabou Harbour Cape Breton NS. Atlantic Lobster fishing is not for the weak, this type of fishing is a lifestyle and a hard one at that. After my 2nd week completed I can tell you that this can be long hard hours on the water. Since I have started on day 2 I have had swollen hands from the repetitive action of banding lobsters for 12 hours a day. If you are not used to a certain type of work your body will let you know it fast, and won’t let you forget it either. I have had a bad bout of tendinitis in my left wrist after the first day of work and it hasn’t let up. If you have never had this before it feels like someone swinging a bat and hitting your wrist every time you close your hand, so every time I land a trap on the boat, gaff a buoy,  band a lobster, or anything that involves me using my left hand I get that feeling. I have battled it with pain killers and a tenser bandage but it only masks a portion of the pain.

Yesterday was another rough day on the water with 25km with gusts of 33km west winds it made for a rolly morning. As If the waves weren’t bad enough then our hauler (winch)went down after pulling only 30 traps onto the boat. The captain made the decision to head back into the wharf to check out the problem as it would have been too dangerous to go down in the engine room with the rough weather. Once back at the dock we checked out the source of the problem which thankfully was a quick easy & inexpensive fix and we were back heading out into the open water once again. As we headed out the weather had picked up even more as we headed out.  Try to picture this, as we headed over each swell when looking ahead we would see only sky at one moment then we would head down the other side of the wave and all we could see was water in front of us. With my life jacked buckled tight back on deck I went as we approached our next buoy in order to get the trap aboard I need to lean over the side of the vessel and use a gaff (a stick with a hook on the end of it) and try to use the hook to catch the rope underneath the buoy then pull it up and take the rope and put it on the hauler. Doing this in this type of weather with my wrist problem made for an interesting morning to say the least. Walking on the boat in this type of weather is like stumbling home after a good night of drinking but only your sober.


Anyway it wasn’t long maybe another 30 traps were pulled and the hauler decided that it was time to call it a day as all we heard was a bang below deck and the hauler once again was not working. The captain decided to call it a day and we headed back to the wharf, 1.5 crates of lobster on deck was just barely enough to cover the captains expenses for the day but none the less we were homeward bound and I had completed my 2nd week of Atlantic lobster fishing. Once back at the wharf the skipper rewarded me with enough of the ocean crusteations for a nice lobster feed.


SeaFour Lures

logo seafour

I am proud to announce that I am now a representative of a great product called SeaFour Lures

This is a Canadian based business on the west coast and is possibly the only company that produces a mouldable lure on the market for Salmon and trout. Have you ever been fishing for a specific species of fish and they just don’t seem to be as active as they should be so you try a different lure and they turn off altogether? well the answer is simple you may have had the right colour and size of lure but just the wrong action, sometimes all you need is to change the action just a bit, well now you can.

SeaFour Lures are a mouldable lure just warm the lure up and shape into whatever you like. then dip in the lake and the lure will hold the new shape. This lure has been working well on the West coast for a couple of years now and slowly the fisherman of the Great Lakes are discovering this great secret.

if you would like to learn more about this product then please follow them on Facebook and check out their website at the following links

SeaFour lures Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/seafour.lures?fref=ts

and SeaFour Lures website   http://www.seafourlures.com/

Its like fishing with DYNAMITE

Diving Apparatuses Week 5 inline and snap weights

guppy weights

Diving apparatuses

Week 5 – Inline Weights vs. Snap weights.

Inline weights are designed to be fished a few feet in front of your bait I use them with Harnesses myself however you can use them with lipless crank baits or spoons as well when trolling Walleye. Offshore makes a great product in my opinion, the Offshore guppy weight. These weights can be used as inline weights or snap weights they come with 2 holes punched on the top fin and tail fin of the guppy this allows you to attach either an Or16 Pro clip to the top fin and use it as a snap weight or attach a snap swivel to both holes the top one attaches to your main line and reduces line twists and the tail fin should be attached to your lure line. When choosing how far back to put your lure from the inline weight make sure the length of leader line does not exceed the length of your rod. This is so when you have a fish on the line you can get it to the boat easily and you will be able to reach the fish with a net if needed. People have asked me what the difference Is between snap weights and Inline weights? and why use one over the other? There are several differences between the functions of these weights, and I use them both in different circumstances. 1st inline weights are designed to be just a few feet away from your bait, whereas snap weights are adjustable and can be clipped anywhere on the main line. Now what does this do? If you attach the weight just a few feet in front of a lure and it is a windy day on the water or the water has a bit of chop to it, then an inline weight moves up and down with the movement of the boat or of the planer boards if you are attached to one right? Ok well an inline weight will move the lure aggressively up and down with each wave, where as a snap weight 20, 30, 50 feet up the line will absorb a lot of the movement allowing your bait to stay in a specific depth even in windy conditions. Now sometimes the fish want a bit more movement to their lunch than on other days so it is up to you to find the pattern they huger for.

Good luck out there and stay safe

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Diving apparatuses Week 4 Torpedo Divers


Diving apparatuses

Week 4 – Torpedo divers   (go through this and make sense of it )

Torpedo Divers are a very aggressive diving apparatus the dive curve for a 2 ounce diver is approx 10 feet down with 10 feet of line out and aapprox 15 feet down with 21 feet of line out. Each Torpedo diver comes with its own dive chart This is a great device when fishing aggressive fish I primarily would use this method in the spring when the fish are feeding aggressively after the spawn. However in the Fall when Walleye tend to slow right down I personally will not use this presentation, some people may not agree with me but its just what I have found over the past few years. This type of presentation is great to get spinners and worm harnesses suspended in the water column. One of the reasons I like using this method is beacause you can adjust the length of lead between bottom and your lure by attaching a piece of Monofilement line to an Off Shore Tackle OR16 Pro Snap Weight Clip and the torpedo diver, now you can make this length of lead any length you want and you can attach it however far up the line you want from your lure. Thus essentially creating an adjustable bottom bouncer. EG- if you attach a 4 foot lenth of Mono line between the torpedo and the OR16 Pro clip and attach the clip to your main line 20ft ahead of your lure in 20ft of water and drop the torpedo until you feel it is just touching bottom, then you know your bait is very close to 4 feet above the bottom and approx 25 to 30ish feet behind the boat. Now why do this instead of just using a bottom bouncer? The answer is simple a bottom bouncer is designed to run just a few feet infront of your bait. However can be a very intimidating and spook wary fish, so this is a way of using the same idea as a bottom bouncer only getting the bulky part of the presentation out of the way so the fish only sees the lure as it passes by.

good luck and stay safe on the water.


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