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My Fishing Adventures Out East (MY D’OH MOMENT)

MY D’OH! Moment

Well the other day while I was touring around the island I had made my way up to a little place called Cheticamp. While in Cheticamp I had decided to go and have breakfast at a small restaurant, there was a man also getting ready to have breakfast, I asked him if he was a local fisherman?, he said he was not and if I was? I said not as of yet but was trying to be, anyway we had a short conversation for a minute or so and all the while I was thinking he looked very familiar. He had some facial scruff and a toque on, a typical fisherman outfit I thought.

Anyway I thought nothing of it until a couple of days later when I was at my favorite sandwich shop chatting with my buddy Millan (the cook) LOL ,  Millian had told me he had heard rumors that Ben Affleck was spotted in the area, immediately my hand hit my forehead as I realized exactly who I had been chatting to back in Cheticamp only a day or so earlier.  I said to Millian I was aware of Mr Affleck’s presence.  I felt like a complete moron as I had asked the very famous actor if he was a local fisherman, I’m not %100 sure it was him but maybe %99.9 LOL.

I guess if Mr Affleck  had answered my question ( If he was a local fisherman?) with a “NO, Im Batman” I may have thought he has a screw loose and politely removed myself from his presence anyway.  And just incase you were wondering the breakfast was excellent. LOL

D'oh moment


Day 4.  Man these nights are cold. The temperatures dropped to -8 degrees last night, and my trailer has been without heat so far this trip, its like sleeping on a few cushions in your unheated garage to give you an idea. None the less I had a good nights sleep under a few sleeping bags huddled into the survival position (ha ha ha), (its a good thing I’m used to the cold after the winter ice fishing season, otherwise I might be on my way home already lol)

I woke up late Had a bite to eat and decided to drive the rest of the way to Mabou Cape Breton.  Along the way I had stopped to pick up a hitch hiker named Eli he too was headed to the Cape to go visit his girlfriend. We had a nice chat for 40ish minutes and parted ways. It wasn’t long before I was at my destination in Mabou NS.

A few weeks before I left Ontario I had called a campground just outside Mabou and made arrangements to be able to get into the park with my trailer a few weeks before they officially opened on May 15th, however as I arrived to the campground I found it completely snowed in and no one had been there in months. I called the owner of the park and he was very helpful and told me to go and park at a local tennis court parking lot down the road a couple miles. I never found the tennis court so I just drove back to the town of Mabou to regroup myself and figure out what to do.

DSC_0228 Town of Mabou NS.

Looking at the ocean it was still completely covered in ice not like it was back in Advocate harbour yesterday,  of course this has me a bit worried as to when the fishing seasons will open in this area?


After a quick lunch at a local diner and searching online for any fishing jobs close by that might be starting immediately to which I was unsuccessful, I decided to head down the road to the next town of Inverness. Inverness was only 25km away and along the same coat line but it looked bigger on the map and I was hoping to be able to park the trailer somewhere.

I arrived in the town around 130pm and was able to find a public parking lot near the Harbour right along the water. All afternoon locals came through the parking lot walking their dogs, hiking, biking, and some just out for an afternoon stroll. I walked down to the docks to talk with some local fisherman getting some equipment ready for the upcoming season, to find out that just up the road in a town called Cheticamp was hiring workers to work in the lobster processing plant even if there was no one fishing the plant was getting ready to start the season.

DSC_0210equipment waiting for the boats to launch

I took a minute to catch my breath, look around and take it all in, made a few phone calls to friends and family and catch the sunset before I hit the sack again. For in the morning im headed to Cheticamp.

DSC_0238sunset over Mabou NS open water

Spring 2015: Extreme Fishing

If Deadliest Catch, Wicked Tuna, and Cold Water Cowboys are on you nightly channel surfing list; follow this Blog and my social media over the next few months. I am not a stranger to the commercial fishing industry. Over the years I have found jobs over seas off the coast of Scotland in the North Sea, and back in Canada on The Bay Of Fundy in Nova Scotia. Now after several seasons of chartering my own boat in The Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario, I am preparing to head back into the commercial side of things for Spring 2015 and hope you will follow me there (online of coarse).  Have you ever thought it would be cool to land a commercial fishing job when watching extreme fishing shows?  Get ready to experience what it is really like to become a deckhand on a commercial fishing vessel and watch/read my real life interpretation of our favorite reality shows.

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