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Ice Fishing Video

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take Filipino TV and the crew from the Canadian Fishing Network {CFN} out for a weekend of fun in the sun, well on the ice anyway.

I wanted to pack as much into our weekend as possible. Its not every day you get the opportunity to showcase what you do for a living to a large population or viewership at little to no cost. People or companies pay big $$$ to get this type of advertising for their businesses.

Sometimes its nice to just be able to kick back and relax with a few friends and not worry about catching the biggest fish. With social media widely used, fishing seems to have taken off in a crazy 180 degree hard left turn over the last few years. everyone and their dog seems to think that if you want to be considerate a fisherman these days, you need to have the latest gear, the best electronics, the highest end latest and greatest tackle, and of course if you are not sponsored by someone then you are a nobody and why even fish at all, right? Well I like to think we can still just get out and fish for a good time, maybe meet some fellow fisherman, get some people introduced to the sport, that kind of thing. So that is exactly what I had in store for CFN and Filipino TV.

I had CFN meet some of their fans up on the Moira Lake to go fishing with, we had a good old fashioned fish fry on the ice, we had multi species targeted over the 2 day weekend, we introduced youths, both males and females to the sport and they all caught their first fish through the ice, we had great food prepared on the ice by chef AJ, for lunch, and it was one of the best trips I think I’ve had on the ice in a long time.

click the link below to see the weekend show.


Video of some my May fishing trips

Bay Of Quinte Fall walleye.

giant eye'sI Have been fishing the Bay for some time now and I have done a lot of research on walleye and their Habits over the years. What I have found is this. There seem to be 2 definitive groups of walleye here in the Bay. I have spoken about this before and other reputable Anglers have spoken to this topic so I thought I would speak about my own findings.

1st the Resident walleye, These walleye stay in the Bay all year round you can catch them from walleye opening weekend in May right through to the end of the ice fishing season at the end of February. These walleye tend to stay in their own areas of the bay and do not venture very far. they may move as far as across the bay on windy days when there are plenty of smaller fish to feed on such as the shad or Perch when they enter the bay to spawn at various times during the season. The reason I believe that these fish do not venture too far is for the simple fact that they are lazy and that there is really no need for them to expend energy and go anywhere. there are plenty of feeding fish such as perch in these areas all year-long and there are a variety of fish throughout the year constantly coming in and out of the Bay creating a rather large buffet for these resident fish.

Here is how to catch these kinds of walleye. you will need to follow the bait fish to their habitats, where there is perch there is Walleye. Perch are a bottom and close to weeds type of fish so that is where you need to put your baits. I have found when the Walleye are primarily feeding on perch you will find that they will be close  to weed edges and right tight to bottom. also I find that these types of walleye tend to have their feast in 10FOW and less. If the walleye are feeding on Alewives, or shad you will see large bait balls suspended in the water column, you will need to get your baits just under the bait balls as the walleye feed in an upward motion and will hit your bait first if it comes across it before it reaches the bait ball. If  you find a baitball and see a few big hooks on one side mark this on your finder and position your boat on the far side of the bait ball. try putting on a 1/8 ounce jig and twister tail and cast over the bait ball to where you marked those hooks, if you can entice a strike then don’t leave the area where there is one there are potentially more feeding on the same meal.

2nd is the Migrating Walleye, These Walleye Tend to enter the Bay through the Adolphus Reach and the Trent canal from the open waters of Lake Ontario. they start entering generally in late September to mid October and as the weather and water temperatures get colder the better the fishing gets as the more fish enter into the Bay. However unlike their cousins (the resident walleye) these fish seem to react based on what their Buffet is doing. As the cooler weather approaches the Shad and Alewives head into the Bay Of Quinte to Spawn and as we start to see mass amounts of large bait balls throughout the Bay following close behind are the massive trophy Eye’s that everybody comes from all over to find.

These fish spend all winter feeding on the bait fish and getting fat so they have the energy to create their eggs and spawn in the spring just after the ice breaks up and leaves in the spring. During the Fall popular areas these Walleye can be found are throughout Adolphus Reach, Picton Harbour, Longreach, and into Hay Bay. Typically these are a deeper water fish and spend their time in cooler temperature water, therefore generally speaking you would want to change-up your presentations to a deeper diving crank bait when fishing for these migratory fish. There are so many different types of crank baits on the market today I can’t really get into them all, in fact I couldn’t even if I wanted to as I am learning about new and older baits every day it seems, some I have never heard of or tried. It will take a bit of time and or effort to figure out what works for your style of fishing but when you find what works for you the time and effort you’ve put in will pay out with fish of a life time.

The one thing to remember it seems is, no matter what time of year it is, if you want to find the Walleye then all you have to do is find the bait fish.

Capt James Mathias.


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Time for The Bay Of Quinte Fall trophy hunt.

dave paroWell its that time of year again where trophy walleye make their journey into the Bay Of Quinte from their summer homes in the big water of lake Ontario to their winter ones in The Bay Of Quinte. Each Fall huge Walleye migrate to their staging areas throughout The Bay Of Quinte where thousands of anglers flock for their chance at trophy Walleye. These fish are commonly caught in the 2 to 5 lbs range (as shown in pic from yesterday) throughout the summer months however when the fall comes and before the ice forms there is a short period of time maybe a month to a month and a half where 8 to 10 lbs walleye are common and you can even find them in the range of 14 and 15lbs plus during this time.

The Later in the season and as the water surface temps drops to just above freezing is where you’ll find locals, Guides, and people around the glob in search of those elusive world renown trophy Eye’s. Yesterday I was out scouting with a couple of friends in the Bay and although we did see some huge hooks on my electronics we were unable to entice anything considered to be a trophy to bite. Marking fish like we did yesterday only got us excited because that is a sure sign that the fall hunt will soon be in full swing.

As the temperatures drop its time to put away those worm harnesses and start using those deep diving crank baits trolled with lengthy leads behind your boat, or is it? for those people that maybe would like to try their hand at these fall beauties but don’t want to spend a fortune doing it there are many devices and aids sold on the market today to help get smaller lipped baits and spinners down deeper with less bulk in the water, helping not to spook the fish, the result is that you can use some of the baits you used all summer in the shallows now to fish the fall walleye that like deeper water. Of course those big lipped baits work great and have done for some time but if you don’t have money to burn and don’t want an entirely new stock of lures then try looking into some of these devices it might save you some cash?

more to come on fall walleye tactics soon.

Targeting Mid-winter walleye Sea’s The Day Fishing charters on The Bay Of Quinte

Image     Targeting those winter walleyes that are not necessarily in feeding mode, you have to find them where they spend the majority of their time in the depths. That’s not to say that they’re not out roaming the open basin of the Bay, but they will be close to it.  You will want to target staging areas where the deep basin runs close to the shallower areas where the walleyes are moving up to feed, Especially where the fish are holding in preparation for moving toward spawning areas as spring approaches. This may be a deep flat just out from the mouth of a spawning river, or even a basin area adjacent to rocky/sandy shoreline spawning areas. It could be a thirty foot flat that runs along a wall, or it might be the forty foot drop off the end of a main point.

I suggest several pieces of equipment that I think are crucial to finding these winter walleye.

1st a decent ice flasher. A flasher will help you quickly, after drilling a hole in the ice, figure out weather or not that area is holding fish . 2nd it will allow you when using different presentations, figure out what is making the fish strike that day. (when choosing a flasher take into consideration that a mapping system (GPS) is the second piece of equipment I will be suggesting) there are decent flashers on the market today with GPS capabilities that won’t break the bank.

2nd a GPS. Walleye will be found in a specific area on the bay and may hold that position for several day’s/weeks before moving to a new location.  A GPS will put you right back on fish you find, and takes any guess work out of it. If you have a smart phone you can download the Navionics apps for this tool and do not need to purchase an expensive separate unit.

check out  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/marine-lakes-us-canada/id382815123?…  for details

3rd a decent tool to get you through the ice. (when choosing this item remember although a gas powered auger is amazing it is not always practical, or financially practical. when you do not have a vehicle such as a ATV, or snow machine a gas powered auger can be heavy to haul around the ice.)

As for the rest of the gear needed that’s a whole different Blog.  

Scouting, Scouting can be done any time of the year in the open water season, however the best times to do this is in the post spawn and late fall seasons as these are the areas that tend to hold good walleye in the midwinter months as well. Mark these areas on your handheld GPS units.

Once you’ve located a general area to scout out, it’s a matter of drilling several holes and using the flasher to scan the bottom for signs of life. Walleye’s tend to be rather slow this time of year, I often will go ahead and work the spot for forty five minutes to an hour before even thinking of moving to a new location. Earlier in the season I may only stay on a spot for 15 to 20 minutes.

In order to bring walleye in for a look I usually use a second line in a separate hole approx 2.5 feet apart from my primary jigging hole. In this hole I put on a Clackin Rap and jig it vigorously for a few seconds every few minutes. If any curious walleyes are in the area you will pick them up on the sonar. Sometimes they even smash the Clackin Rap instead of my primary jig.

Remember the more time you put in to catching these winter walleye the more success you’ll have good luck and Tight Lines