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First Couple Of Weeks At Slippery Winds Lodge.

Hi everyone, my name is James Mathias I have taken a job with Slippery Winds this summer. My position here is fishing guide/ shore hand. I have decided to write about some of the adventures that I have had already and will continue throughout the season to write about my experiences here at the lodge.

I will begin with a short story about a few day out on the water. Well, I suppose I should back it up just a bit for a moment. This season started off with a good couple of weeks of getting to know the staff here at Slippery Winds. Lori our Manager / Chef,  Elizabeth and Paulene, our waitresses and house cleaning staff, Rick our mechanic/maintenance and a bit of everything handyman, Sam, our 2nd guide and shore hand helper,  Stormy and Aaron, our helpers that came up just to help open up the lodge for the season, and of course our fearless leader himself Mr Randy Duvell. Getting to know these people over the first few weeks of the summer has been a pleasure. everyone has put in a lot of hard work to get the lodge ready for guests to come and relax on a fishing vacation they will not soon forget.

Our first guests arrived on the 19th of May. with cold-front cold wet conditions, the fishing was proving a bit tough to figure out, it wasn’t just our guests either that were finding things tough but our guides too, especially myself, I  was finding it very difficult to get even enough fish to have a decent shore lunch. On day 3, two of our guests decided to break down and hire a lodge guide I was the man for the job. I took a fantastic couple of guys from Texas out for the day. In the morning we hooked into several Largemouth and smallmouth bass and then got into a few northern pike. As the walleye decided to go to a bay we didn’t hit yet I had made the decision to keep a few of the smaller pike to keep for shore lunch. Lunch was a hit. The almost traditional Canadian shore lunch which consisted of fried tomato pork beans, canned corn, homemade hash-browns, fried onions and, well, in this case instead of walleye it was northern pike seasoned with the slippery Winds top secret seasoning and properly filleted and deep fried over an open fire in the pouring rain. Our clients seemed very happy with the day as they hooked more fish than they were expecting by days end.


Over the next few day’s I was on the water daily, Guiding some outstanding fellas from Wisconsin. For the first 2 days, the fishing was outstanding, hitting over 35 Bass landed and around 15 pike on both days. My clients seemed super excited when both of them on each of their trips with me while fishing for some walleye in the later part of the afternoon, had the privilege of being able to have the feeling of what it feels like to have a very large musky on the end of their lines. It was a good thing neither of them had actually landed the beastly fish as the musky are not actually in season as of yet.

On their 3rd day of guided trips, the same Wisconson clients wanted to go to a back lake to try their hand at some lake trout. I mentioned that they may wish for a 2nd guide for the back lakes as the boats on those Lakes are a bit on the small side and wanted them to be as comfortable as possible. Sammy, (our 2nd guide) was out with the group for this next adventure.  We decided to hike into a lake called Bluff Point. Bluff Point is definitely known for its lake trout fishery and the clients soon found out just how good it was.  Sammy hooked into over 10 lakers, 3 or 4 Pike and a few Bass in 2.5 hours and I had around the same number of Bass and Pike but a few less Lakers than Sammy. The competition was fierce in the morning between the 2 boats before a great packed lunch on a majestic island in the middle of the lake. After lunch, everyone had decided to pack it in to get to another lake to try our hand at some more bass fishing. I myself made up for the friendly competition loss in the morning by getting over 25 Bass in the afternoon. once again the clients seemed very happy with the result of their trip and I manage to get myself some great rest before tomorrow’s next fishing adventure.


I hope you have enjoyed this little story about fishing here at Slippery Winds this past week and stay tuned,  I will tell the stories of my fishing adventures here at Slippery winds throughout this 2017 season.

Video of some my May fishing trips

Bay Of Quinte Guide to your walleye fishing tip of the week


This week’s topic is finding the fish in early season on The Bay Of Quinte

Many people have asked me lately if trolling in the spring is a better method than casting or Jigging? I think the best way is to utilize all 3 methods together.  In order to find schools of walleye in the spring, you may need to cover a lot of water and this is when trolling can be a strong asset.

But first things first, remember to use the weather to your advantage. Before you leave your house make sure you know what the weather is going to be for the day and especially look at the wind direction. In order to give yourself the best chance for catching walleye,  fish the windblown shoreline.  For example;  if there is a strong southerly wind, and has been over the past few days, you will want to find structures off the north shoreline. This is because the wind carry’s the baitfish and the feeding walleye won’t be far behind.

Any time you are not sure where the walleye are, it is a good idea to cover lots of area.  Cover different depths in the water column, at different speeds, and of course different structures. If you are familiar with an area go to spots that have been productive for you in the past, examples would be defined edges, weedlines, and where there bottom changes (ex. where mud bottom turns to rock). The best way to do this with keeping a lure in the water, is by trolling.  If you are unfamiliar with the area, a good place to start is a well known community fishing hole. You can easily find these spots by talking with the local tackle shops, locals at the public launches, and join a fishing forum.  People will generally send you to these ‘popular spots’  if you ask.

When you begin trolling be prepared to use several presentations, using different combinations of baits, depth, and speed before you find the fish.  If you are fishing an area which only allows you 1 rod per angler, get comfortable switching this presentation every 20ish minutes until you have a hit. In the spring, I try to keep my baits relatively small, so try a bottom bouncer with a single hook spinner bait tipped with a minnow, and a body bait suspended in the water column. Vary your speeds between .8 and 2 Miles per hour over the same spots before changing your baits.  Also, if you are in an area that has been known to be productive and you are not marking any fish it may mean they are high in the water column and your electronics will not detect them, try something high in the water, 5 feet below the surface, and send this presentation out to the sides of your boat with planer boards as the boat motor may be spooking the fish at that depth.

Once you have found a couple biting fish it might be a good idea to throw out a marker, mark the spot on a GPS and start casting body baits such the CC shad, or Shad Rap around the area thoroughly . If you do not get a bite then try a jig and you will be surprised what you may find there.

Good luck this spring during the walleye opener.

I hope this Tip was helpful and come back to this site next week for you next Bay Of Quinte Tip Of The Week

Spring Walleye fishing Tip Of The Week for The Bay Of Quinte


Over the next few weeks leading to the Walleye opener on The Bay Of Quinte I will be writing helpful hints and posting them to my blog this week my blog is about Planer Boards.

If you fish for walleye in The Bay Of Quinte one of the most useful tools to get the job done is the Off-Shore tackle Planer Boards, these light weight boards are designed to take your lure away from the boat allowing you to get more lines in the water without getting tangled, also by taking the lines away from the boat your lures will run over the fish without your motor spooking the fish. These Boards come as either right or left running which means they are meant to run on either the right or left side of the boat. One major advantage to running these boards is that it allows you to put your lure in very shallow areas while keeping your boat in deeper water or (safer) areas. 

Many times when you run over fish they spook and move off to the sides of the boat which means as you run over them with the boat the fish actually swim away from your presentation, by using the boards you use them to your advantage in this case because as the fish swim to the sides they are now swimming directly into the path of your lures.

A great option that these board have available is you can buy a additional flag called a tattle flag what this does is when properly set up even if you have a small fish (bait fish, pearch, silver bass, or even weeds) on the line or if the fish is on a light bite, the lightest tug and the flag will go up and down repeatedly letting you know something is on the line otherwise it might be difficult to tell.  I would suggest this tattle flag especially in the spring time.

I hope this Tip was helpful and come back to this site next week for you next Bay Of Quinte Tip Of The Week.