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Part 3: Cruising The St Lawrence

Top Marks For Bravo Team

Today I need to give credit to  the hospitality crew, especially the hostesses. These 4 girls work very hard on our cruise ship. They are the ones that make your bed, clean your rooms, take complaints, take your orders, serve your food, organize and reorganize the dining/ entertainment room, and are basically your personal servant on the boat. While in some work environments you will routinely hear, ‘That is not in my job description’, These girls know what it is to be apart of a team.

 There was a time we were coming into port in Quebec city where the wind was blowing and the ship was being blown off the dock. The other deckhand, myself and the first mate were trying to tie off the 200 tonne vessel to the dock, and we were having one hell of a time! The hopitality girls, while deep in to their housekeeping chores, 

looked out to see if we could use a hand. Covered in sweat, exhausted, hanging on to the ship with everything I got, I was not in a mood to be pleasant. I yelled “get over here!” The girls came without hesitation to lend a hand to tie off the boat. We were now running late and instead of returning to their duties the girls proceeded to help us deckhands get all the passengers luggage off the boat. They worked like  well oiled machines. Getting luggage off the vessel is the duty of the deckhands. Our whole crew has this team mentality.  We drop anything for eachother to get the job done, I have even been known to help fold a few dozen napkins and do laundry (don’t tell my wife I can be domesticated).

 This crew, known as the Bravo crew, is the stongest team I have had the 

pleasure to work with. They routinely go above and beyond and will work back to back cruises when the other crew is short staff becuase they understand the impact this can have on a guest experience. And if this were not enough they will work twice as hard without complaint (ish) when we are short handed.

While we can work like an amazing team, lets get real for a moment. Every work place comes with behind the scenes shenanigans and conflict but at the end of the day you leave it all behind. On a cruise ship you work, eat,and sleep with your coworkers 24/7. However, although one might think spending this much time with those you work with would make less then desirable work conditions, credit must be given to officers and upper management. No matter what could possibly go on in the lower deck crew quarters, everyone provides service in a professional manner. All guests I’ve spoken with feel the cruise runs problem free, a sure sign of a company that knows what they are doing. The guests never realized I was running off the boat at 9pm at night to the grocery store. Phone in one hand, explaining to my wife on the other end, (while she was cozy in her bed back at home) the Chef needs me to pick up 4,000 ml of cottage cheese and I don’t know what cottage cheese is!

While I run unforeseen urgent cheese errands, the guest get treated to nightly entertainment. I can appreciate the amazing talent the cruise line has each night even though they have chosen them based on their retired demographic of guests.  Once dinner had been served and the last person finished eating, (the last person was usually First Mate Pap. I mean WOW that boy eats like a sloth!) the hospitality crew continued to work their butts off. The girls made everything run smoothly, moving dinner tables and chairs into an entertainment setting and back again at the end of each night ready for tomorrows breakfast and lunch. A lunch that included a lasagna with 4,000 ml of cottage chesse specially hand picked by yours truly.

Tied off to a bouy near Gananoque last night