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video of some BOQ walleye  with Scottie Martin and the Canadian Fishing Network. 

Hey folks I know it’s been a little while since I posted but I managed to get out on the water the other day with a few good friends , Ed MacKenzie from Chain Eyes  , and Scottie Martin , & Red Andal from #Canadianfishingnetwork  for some Quinta gold. So sit back and enjoy the show 

Video of some my May fishing trips

Quinte Walleye fishing



With the weather being so crazy lately the fishing has been a bit up and down, Although since the opening weekend a few weeks ago I have managed to get a couple fish every time I’ve gone out (9 trips so far) the fishing really seemed to turn on this weekend for me. I tried fishing the east end of Hay Bay fairly consistently over the past couple weeks to try and pattern these fish and this weekend I found that on Friday I fished for a couple hours in 12ft of water  with a slight westerly wind and got 2 4lb’ers, After successfully releasing them to fight another day I decided to pack it in and try again Saturday.  On Saturday Afternoon with a moderate westerly wind and hitting the wind blown shore in 7ft of water that the walleye would hit just about anything I through at them I only fished for an hour and although the fish weren’t huge I had limited out and had enough for a fish fry for the family, Sunday there was almost no wind at all and I found 2 keepers in approx 4 hours, I released them in the hope of finding them again later this season.

I found that in the windiest weather all the fish were caught when heading in a southerly direction, also I found them suspended off bottom in about the top 4 feet of water, I have had the most success over the past few weeks using these 4 presentations.  The new Rapala Scatter Rap,  A shallow diving jointed husky Jerk , or, a Worm Harness with various weights approx 18″ in front of the harness,  and a CC Shads. All pulled behind a planer board to get it away from your boat. Also depending on the depth you are fishing these presentations may be more effective with diving apparatuses to aid, or you might have to shorten up the length of line out if you are fishing shallow. Of course I know there are many other combinations that have been working for you but these have been working well for me.

good luck out on the water.