The Winter Cabin

This rustic log cabin located in Godfrey Ontario was built by owner Mark Peters over 30 years ago. Mark has partnered up with me to bring you closer to some of the most incredible back lakes fishing southeastern Ontario has to offer. 

  • When you come and stay in the hidden gem you get the true winter cabin experience. Although Heated with wood this cabin does have some modern day amenities such as electricity, a microwave, and even a TV attached to a DVD player with lots of good movies to choose from. 
  • During the winter months the water is turned off and the pipes are winterized so you really get the feel of rustic winter living, however, water is brought in for things like drinking, cooking, cleaning, and even flushing the toilet. 
  • The cabin has the kitchen, washroom, and living room on the main floor, and a shared space with 4 beds and lots of space to store your belongings on the second level. 

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